Flat Bastard Files

Flat files are used by machinists, machinery builders, ship and engine builders, and others who require rapid removal of metal. They are rectangular in cross section and taper slightly towards point in width. Double-cut on both sides, single-cut on both edges.

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Half Round Bastard Files

Rounded on one side. Flat on the other. Use on concave and convex as well as flat surfaces. Backs of all half round bastard files are double-cut.

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Round Bastard Files

Primary use is to file circular openings or concave surfaces. Tapered slightly towards point. Single cut.

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Mill Bastard Files

For sharpening mill or circular saws. Also for draw-filing and finishing metals. All sizes tapered slightly in width. Two square edges. Single-cut on sides and edges.

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Triangular Files–Regular

Used for filing all types of saws with 60 degree angle teeth. Single cut.

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Wood Rasps-Flat Bastard

Especially coarse teeth for use on wood.

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Stihl Chain Saw Files

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Wood File Handles

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Nicholson 5 Piece General Purpose File Kit

Ergonomic Handles Rubber-coated ergonomic handles for better comfort and control. Includes: 10"/250mm half-round bastard file, 10"/250mm mill bastard file, 8"/200mm mill bastard file, 8"/200mm flat bastard file, and 6"/150mm slim taper file. Set of 5 files fits easily and securely into rugged, compact pouch

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