Economy Fire-Rated Tarps

This fire retardant, lighter weight tarp is economical and suitable for short term, low stress applications. Reinforced seams and corners. Brass grommets spaced every 3 feet. Meets City of Boston Fire Marshall specifications for temporary enclosures. Color: Milky White.

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Premium Fire-Rated Tarps

Our most popular scaffolding tarp is made from a high quality, fire retardant 10 x 10 weave polyethylene. Rust proof aluminum grommets located down the middle of the tarp spaced every 3 feet. Rope in hem for added reinforcement. Meets City of Boston Fire Marshall specifications for temporary enclosures.
Color: Milky White.

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Ultra-Premium Fire-Rated Tarps

Our highest quality, heaviest duty, fire-retardant tarp is recommended for enclosures five stories and above in order to withstand high wind conditions. Made with an ultra-strong 14 x 14 weave polyethylene material. Unique welded D-rings located along a 4" hem instead of grommets provide for a more secure and stronger attachment. Rust proof aluminum grommets down the middle spaced every 3 feet for added support. Meets City of Boston Fire Marshall specifications for temporary enclosures.Color: Milky White.

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Fire-Rated Vinyl Tarps

The ultimate in strength and durability designed to endure the severest weather conditions. Fabric is 18 oz. white vinyl fire-retardant material. 1/4" thick rope in hem for extra reinforcement. 1/4" x 2" welded D-rings along a 6" hem located every 2 feet. 1" brass grommets in corners. Meets Boston Fire Marshall specifications for temporary enclosures. Color: Milky White.

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Tarp Fastener (Bungee)

This is the fastest and most secure method of fastening tarps to scaffolding. The elastic tie is 14" long with a heavy duty locking hook. Fits easily through either grommets and / or D-rings on our Premium and Ultra-Premium Scaffolding Tarps. Sold in bags of 100.

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Hammer-On Flange Clip

Quick, easy and economical way of securing tarps to structural steel beams. Three sizes available to fit most beams. Manufactured by Caddy.

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Scaffold Wrap

Designed specifically as a scaffold enclosure, this product has several advantages over more traditional products such as reinforced polyethylene and scaffolding tarps. Since it is sized to fit both tube and fitting as well as modular scaffold systems, installation is fast and easy. Once installed properly using the recommended Scaffold Wrap Fasteners this product withstands wind and weather while retaining heat better than tarps or poly. Scaffold Wrap has a thickness of approximately 10 mil., with tear resistant reinforcing bands and openings pre-cut for fastener attachment. Its strong woven grid fabric provides unparalleled tensile strength. Meets City of Boston specifications for temporary enclosures. Color: White.

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Scaffold Wrap Fasteners

Designed specifically to be used with all our Scaffold Wrap products and sizes. The standard Elastic Bungee Style is appropriate for the majority of your applications. However, in situations where there are unusually high wind conditions (i.e. high rise construction), we recommend using the heavier duty Rubber Band style.

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Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting

Super T Plus scaffold sheeting systems are easy to install, exceptionally durable, and reusable.  Grommet patterns are engineered to meet industry standard scaffolding configurations making installation quick and dependable.  Innovative grommet system does not require “punch holes”.  Lightweight, high strength, multi-layer extruded LDPE.  Flamesafe material prevents flame propagation, Passes Boston Fire Test and Passes NFPA 701 Flame Test.

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Monarflex Flexitie

Piercing attachment point. Grips framework. 99 lb break strength. Approximately  44 mph break point.

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Monarflex Anchor Strap

Piercing attachment point.  Grips framework with 165 lb break strength.  Approximately  72 mph break point.

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