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Firestop products prevent fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture from passing through penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors. These easy to install products are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including plastic pipes, metal pipes, HVAC ductwork, cables, construction gaps, wall tops and control joints.

Colony stocks four major lines of firestop: Nelson, 3M, STI, and Bio/Metacaulk. Our representatives will visit your jobsite and recommend tested UL systems for installation and submittal purposes, and most importantly, deliver the lowest cost per hole solution.

Firestop Glossary of Terms

Intumescent – When a material is intumescent, it means that it will expand to up to 5 times its original size when exposed to temperatures over 300ºF. A strong, insulating char then forms which seals an opening for up to four hours when exposed to extreme heat.

Endothermic – When a material is endothermic, it means that it releases chemically bound water to cool exposed surfaces.

Non-Sag – Non-sagging caulks can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. Its consistency is such that it will not run when used on a wall.

• Submittal Package Preparation.
• On-site Installation Training.
• Interaction with architect, engineer, and/or code official(s) when necessary. On phone or in person
• Inspection during and after the project.
• On-going assistance & support before, during and after the project is completed.
• Competitive pricing.


3M Fire Block Foam

Fire Block Foam is a ready-to-use foam fireblock designed to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in residential Type V and non-commercial rated construction*.  Quickly seals openings, expanding up to 200% in volume. Heat resistant up to 240° F.  Bonds to most building materials,  excellent as a draftstop and a thermal insulator.  Tack-free in approximately 5 minutes. Tested to ATM E 184 (modified) as a Type V residential fireblock. Color: Orange.

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