Floor liner is a protective film that protects floors, carpets, stairs, tiles, etc (e.g. from mechanical damage or stains from spilled liquids), helps to prevent accidents (Rear side with active protection against slipping), can be used several times, can be quickly laid out (cost saving), and is environment friendly. It can be reused or remain in place for up to 120 days. Size 40” x 54’.

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Plasti Shield® Pro

High density corrugated plastic sheets are reusable, liquid resistant, and 60% lighter than Hardboard. Plasti Shield Pro is heavy-duty, and one of the most versatile products, perfect for floor, wall, counter-top, and window protection. Provides additional protection from high impact drops, heavy foot traffic, jobsite vehicles and heavy machinery. 44" x 93" 4mm. Color: white.

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Coverguard2® Floor & Wall Protection - Non-Fire Rated

Cover guard2 is a non-fire retardant, temporary surface protection.  ORANGE cover guard2 offers the same features of our renowned BLUE cover guard products, at a more affordable price [30% less than standard FR cover guard].  Cover guard2 offers the same waterproof, slip resistant pattern.  The same durability and versatility, and cover guard is reusable and recyclable.  The only difference is the color, and the non-flame retardant formulation.

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Prime Bubble-X®

Prime Bubble-X is a sheet / air-bubble co-extruded PP board featuring a newly patented technology. Thermoformed core and unique matte finish for exceptional durability. High strength-to-weight ratio. Weather, moisture and chemical resistant. Nontoxic and hypoallergenic. 100% recyclable polypropylene. Used to protect surfaces more efficiently than plywood or masonite. Density - 1520 GSM.

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Alpha Shield™ FR

Alpha Shield™ FR is a surface protection sheet that provides ultra heavy-duty, fire  retardant floor protection during construction. The recyclable and reusable fabric backed sheets measure 48" x 96" and are designed with support pockets for heavy duty impact resistant protection from heavy machinery.  The textured face promotes grip and slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents.

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Ram Board Edge Tape™ 90-Day

Anchor down Ram Board and other material for up to 90 days* without a trace of residue. This high-tensile tape lays flat on the first application and can be repositioned without any adhesive fallback. 90-Day Edge Tape conforms to Ram Board and different surfaces with a strong hold. Tru-Tear technology tears straight and easy without any tools needed.

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Corner Shield™

Corner Shield is lightweight, easy to cut with a utility knife, recyclable and reusable. Holds securely to corners using a clean release tape such as all-purpose blue tape.  Sold 24 per box.

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Ram Tape™

3" wide strong, flexible, and conformable tape for use with Ram Board™. High cross directional tensile strength. High tack adhesive with great holding power. 3" width easily cover Ram Board seams. Resists curling and abrasion. 100% recyclable, you can recycle the Ram Tape and Ram Board together.

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Coverguard® Floor & Wall Protection - Fire Rated

Completely fire retardant temporary floor and wall protection that is strong, durable, tear resistant and water resistant. Also resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Used to protect all types of finishes. Can be used internally and externally. Perfect protection for walls, windows, carpet, floors, decking, furniture, equipment and welding. Pliable enough to use for wrapping, covering and protecting all types of equipment, furniture or fixtures. Works on all types of surfaces. Coverguard®s unique diamond plate pattern provides anti-slip / anti-trip characteristics. Compact rolls are easy to handle for storage and use. Blue Diamond Plate Coverguard® is available in 36” and 72” widths and from 10mil. thick to 40 mil. thick. Call your Colony representative for a full listing of available sizes.

Please note: When installing Coverguard for concrete floors, please make sure the concrete has been cured for at least 28 days. The diamond plate can make an impression on the concrete. If the floor is exposed to finished concrete it is very difficult to remove.

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Ram Board Vapor-Cure™ Tape

Vapor-Cure™ technology prevents cure lines in concrete and blotchy finishes in curing floors.  Lays out fast, and 3" easily covers Ram Board seams.  Vapor-Cure™ Tape allows vapors and moisture to escape from concrete, glue down floors, stained floors, epoxy floors, refinished floors, vct and most other floor types.  Always follow flooring manufacturers recommendations before taping directly to any surface.

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Ram Board™ Temporary Floor Protection

Made of a thick, tough Flex-Fiber reinforced material. This item protects new and existing floors over a very large area in minutes. It protects new floors by allowing moisture and vapors to escape for curing. Lays flat, is non-staining and reusable. Won’t damage or mar floors even when driving a tow motor or operating other heavy equipment during any type of construction activity. Protects floors such as wood, tile, marble, linoleum, concrete and stone. .05” thick. 16 rolls per pallet.

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Ram Board Multi-Cutter™

Engineered with an Exclusive Dual Edge Guard System the Ram Board Multi-Cutter™protects flooring from damage and scuffs while cutting. Ergonomic, anti-slip grip handle is designed for comfort and safety. Magnetic closure provides easy access to internal storage of replacement blades; includes 4 standard utility blades

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Ram Board Edge Tape™

Edge Tape™ provides easy release from floors, yet it’s tough enough to hold Ram Board® edges securely in place.  Edge Tape is engineered to secure the edges of Ram Board directly to the floor without damaging your flooring surfaces, walls and stairs. Durable and tough, yet low tack for easy release for up to 14 days.  Safety orange identifies edges of flooring.

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ProGuard Dura Cover

ProGuard Dura Cover provides temporary protection for installed floor systems. ProGuard Dura Cover is a multi-ply, textured membrane laminated with a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile. The fibers will not absorb the stain on fresh decorative concrete installations, nor will it scratch wood, ceramic tile or finished floor systems. Provides protection from construction traffic, dust and debris, liquid spills, paint spills and other construction related potential hazards. When installing, overlapping seams should be secured with ProGuard Seam Tape.  The one and only floor protection product for polished concrete floors!

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Corrugated Plastic

Perfect for window, wall, and floor protection. Chemical and water resistant. Lightweight, yet durable and reusable. Translucent- great for window protection since it allows some light penetration.  Fire rated is tinted green to denoate FR rating. 4' x 8'

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Masonite is made using wood chips, blasting them into long fibers with steam and then forming them into boards. The boards are then pressed and heated to the finished product. The long fibers give Masonite a high bending strength, tensile strength, density, and stability. Perfect for floor and wall protection. Masonite is made using only natural ingredients - an environmentally friendly product.

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A reusable, shock absorbing protection for floors during renovations and when moving furniture. Protects surfaces from marring. Lightweight. Easy to handle, cut and shape.

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Reinforced Kraft Paper

A low cost, easy to install product for protecting carpeting, tile, terrazzo, marble and wood flooring from spills, staining, and dirt. Reinforced Kraft Paper consists of two layers of high strength kraft paper reinforced with a 1/2" x 1/2" double layer of fiberglass. The result is a non-staining, heavy duty reinforced paper with high tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance. Kraft Paper is also water and slip resistant. We recommend that you use 3M’s 2" wide (Item 26-0152) Long Mask™ Tape with a 5"-6" overlap when installing the product. Four sizes available.

*Complies with NFPA 701

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Kraft Wrapping Paper

All purpose protective wrapping paper, can also be used as an all purpose floor or carpet covering. It is lightweight with good strength and durability. Brown color. Rolls have a 9” core.

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Red Rosin Paper

Strong, economical paper for temporary protection of floors and walls. Roll size: 36" x 167'. 501 sq ft. Not waterproof.

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