Corner Shield™

Corner Shield is lightweight, easy to cut with a utility knife, recyclable and reusable. Holds securely to corners using a clean release tape such as all-purpose blue tape.  Sold 24 per box.

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Coverguard® Floor & Wall Protection - Fire Rated

Completely fire retardant temporary floor and wall protection that is strong, durable, tear resistant and water resistant. Also resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Used to protect all types of finishes. Can be used internally and externally. Perfect protection for walls, windows, carpet, floors, decking, furniture, equipment and welding. Pliable enough to use for wrapping, covering and protecting all types of equipment, furniture or fixtures. Works on all types of surfaces. Coverguard®s unique diamond plate pattern provides anti-slip / anti-trip characteristics. Compact rolls are easy to handle for storage and use. Blue Diamond Plate Coverguard® is available in 36” and 72” widths and from 10mil. thick to 40 mil. thick. Call your Colony representative for a full listing of available sizes.

Please note: When installing Coverguard for concrete floors, please make sure the concrete has been cured for at least 28 days. The diamond plate can make an impression on the concrete. If the floor is exposed to finished concrete it is very difficult to remove.

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Stair Shield™

Stair Shield™ is a dynamic, fluted-polypropylene stair protection product with an adjustable tread that protects 10.25”, 11”, and 11.25” treads. Protect the complete face of the staircase, including the tread, riser, and bullnose. Sold 24 per case.

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Coverguard2® Floor & Wall Protection - Non-Fire Rated

Cover guard2 is a non-fire retardant, temporary surface protection.  ORANGE cover guard2 offers the same features of our renowned BLUE cover guard products, at a more affordable price [30% less than standard FR cover guard].  Cover guard2 offers the same waterproof, slip resistant pattern.  The same durability and versatility, and cover guard is reusable and recyclable.  The only difference is the color, and the non-flame retardant formulation.

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Ram Board™ Temporary Floor Protection

Made of a thick, tough Flex-Fiber reinforced material. This item protects new and existing floors over a very large area in minutes. It protects new floors by allowing moisture and vapors to escape for curing. Lays flat, is non-staining and reusable. Won’t damage or mar floors even when driving a tow motor or operating other heavy equipment during any type of construction activity. Protects floors such as wood, tile, marble, linoleum, concrete and stone. .05” thick. 16 rolls per pallet.

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Ram Board Painter’s Board™

Introducing a durable, temporary floor protection board that is uniquely crafted for the professional and DIY painter. Painter's Board contains many of the same premium features found in the world's leading floor protection solution, Avoid floor stains commonly caused by red-rosin paper, as Ram Board is 100% developed with non-staining natural recycled materials. Thicker than red rosin paper, Painter's Board resists scratches and minor drops. It is also conveniently sized at 35" wide for halls and doorways. Protects: wood, colored concrete, stone, marble, terrazzo, tile, linoleum, vct, epoxy, etc.

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Ram Tape™

3" wide strong, flexible, and conformable tape for use with Ram Board™. High cross directional tensile strength. High tack adhesive with great holding power. 3" width easily cover Ram Board seams. Resists curling and abrasion. 100% recyclable, you can recycle the Ram Tape and Ram Board together.

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Ram Board Vapor-Cure™ Tape

Vapor-Cure™ technology prevents cure lines in concrete and blotchy finishes in curing floors.  Lays out fast, and 3" easily covers Ram Board seams.  Vapor-Cure™ Tape allows vapors and moisture to escape from concrete, glue down floors, stained floors, epoxy floors, refinished floors, vct and most other floor types.  Always follow flooring manufacturers recommendations before taping directly to any surface.

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Ram Board Edge Tape™

Edge Tape™ provides easy release from floors, yet it’s tough enough to hold Ram Board® edges securely in place.  Edge Tape is engineered to secure the edges of Ram Board directly to the floor without damaging your flooring surfaces, walls and stairs. Durable and tough, yet low tack for easy release for up to 14 days.  Safety orange identifies edges of flooring.

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Ram Board Multi-Cutter™

Engineered with an Exclusive Dual Edge Guard System the Ram Board Multi-Cutter™protects flooring from damage and scuffs while cutting. Ergonomic, anti-slip grip handle is designed for comfort and safety. Magnetic closure provides easy access to internal storage of replacement blades; includes 4 standard utility blades

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Protec Rhino Tiles

Protec Rhino Tiles are designed for the temporary protection of exterior and interior finished flooring, decks, roofs, and other horizontal surfaces where protection is required. Rhino Tiles are the alternative to fine fluted rubber matting and 8’ x 4’ sheets of FR Plywood. Rhino tiles required less labor to install, quicker, easier and more efficient, with no mechanical fastening required in most applications.  Easily trimmed with a jigsaw, offering one-man installation vs two men handling 4x8 sheets of plywood.  Also Rhino tiles will not warp when wet, unlike plywood, and requires virtually no maintenance after installation.  Made from 100% recycled PVC & can be re-used multiple times. Inherently Flame Retardant•UV Stable•Resistant to most solvents and chemicals.

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Breathershield FR

Breathershield is an air and vapor permeable membrane that ensures newly laid flooring can breath easily, while still protecting from damage. Breathershield is the perfect material for uncured surfaces and is easy to quickly roll out for use alone or under other temporary protection products. This flexible and lightweight material is easily cut, but strong and resistant to rips or tears. In addition to being permeable and soft, it’s also spill and water resistant, and certified flame retardant to the LSP 1207 standard.

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Proplex 1200HD FR

Proplex 1200 is a rigid, flame-retardant, twin-walled product available in sheets. The sheets are lightweight, strong and antistatic making them very versatile temporary protection material for vertical and horizontal surfaces in lieu of Masonite or Plywood. No warping when wet, unlike plywood, requires virtually no maintenance. More cost effective for every project due to speed of installation and extended life.  Handles heavy rolling loads and scaffolding.  100% Recyclable, antistatic and flame retardant.

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Proplex 380 FR

Proplex 380 is a rigid twin-walled sheet that is both lightweight and extremely durable. The product is waterproof and combines excellent compression and impact resistance, providing outstanding protection for the duration of any project, new build or refit.  No warping when wet, unlike plywood, requires virtually no maintenance. Conforms to very tight curves and sharp angles, greatly reducing the need for cutting and taping. Can be paired with Hanger Pins for easy mounting and removal. 100% Recyclable and Flame Retardant.

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Proplex 250 FR

Proplex 250 is an ultra lightweight protection board with a twin-wall construction for a strong, yet lightweight, solution to surface protection. Used in a variety of internal and external applications during building, construction, and refurbishment projects, the fluted polypropylene sheets can be cut, curved or creased to fit any surface. No warping when wet, unlike plywood, requires virtually no maintenance. Conforms to very tight curves and sharp angles, greatly reducing the need for cutting and taping. Can be paired with Hanger Pins for easy mounting and removal. 100% Recyclable and Flame Retardant.

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Proplex 700

Proplex 700 is a semi-rigid, flame-retardant, twin- walled product available in sheets. It is lightweight and strong, but able to be bent around sharp angles, making it a very versatile temporary protection in lieu of Masonite or Plywood. When coupled with Hanger Pins it can be quickly installed and easily removed and replaced as needed. Conforms to curves and sharp angles, greatly reducing the need for cutting and taping. 100% recyclable, antistatic and flame retardant.

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Hanger Pins

Hanger pins are used in conjunction with Proplex temporary protection to attach sheets to vertical surfaces such as windows, doors, walls, and elevators without the need for taping. Hanger pins are simple, safe, quick to install, and will not loosen over time. For applications where Proplex must be bent around corners, Hanger Pins can be used to securely hold the edges in place.  500 per box.

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Absurd™Tape FR

Polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive that adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces under a wide range of temperature conditions. Designed to meet demanding applications. Provides easy dispensing from the roll for sealing and joining Entry Point temporary protection components.  Compliments the Fire Retardant properties of the full line of Entry Point products. Tested in accordance with UL 723 for flame spread and smoke development. All weather and moisture resistant. Professional quality; ultra-tough.17 mil premium tape designed for both heavy-duty jobs and standard uses.. Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and offers a broad temperature range. Made in USA.

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CCP-PRO Floor Protection

Reusable and non-slip floor protection helps provide a greener and safer jobsite or work area with an excellent value. The easy release adhesive grips any surface when the slightest pressure is applied. With its durability and versatility, easy to install with no taping required.  No residue left behind, making it excellent stair and vertical applications.  Absorbent non-woven top retains liquids, dirt and debris.  300 sq. ft.

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CCP-Vapor Floor Protection

Multi-functional nonwoven with a waterproof surface and a latex coated bottom that is self-adhering therefore wont shift.  Offers quick and simple installation. CCP Vapor is designed to stick and protect floors, stairs, cabinets, countertops, doors, appliances, railing, glass, metal and most other surfaces during construction. Impermeable to spills and liquids and is also able to be mopped or vacuumed . 40” x 100’.  333 sq ft.

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