Lufkin Red End™ Engineer’s Rules

Graduations in feet, 1/10ths and 1/100ths feet. Regular outside markings in feet, inches, and 1/16ths. Decimal points on engineer’s scale prevent reading errors. 5/8" wide.

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Lufkin Red End™ Brick Mason’s Folding Wood Rule

Used by bricklayers. Graduated vertical inches to 1/16ths, both edges. Brick mason’s scale on inside, red course counters numbered consecutively. Regular outside markings in black. 5/8” wide.

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Lufkin Red End™ Extension Rules

These rules have a graduated slide that extends up to a full 6 inches. The slide runs under friction in a T slot and has a stop at each end so slide will not fall out. Marked both sides and both edges to 1/16ths of an inch, 16 inch stud centers in red, regular outside markings. 5/8" wide.

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Lufkin Red End™ 6-Foot Rule

Marked both sides, both edges to 1/16ths; 16 inch stud centers in red. Regular outside reading. Zero falls on inside of hook, permits measuring beyond arm’s reach. Markings protected by clear abrasive resistant coating to prevent chipping, peeling, and discoloring. 6' x 5/8".

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Lufkin Red End™ Plumber’s Rule

Eliminates figuring and chance of error when working with 45° elbows. It is graduated on one side, in black, consecutive inches to 16ths, both edges. Other side in red, 45° scale inches to 16ths, upper edge only. Turning rule from black to red gives, at a direct reading, the corresponding 45° elbow measurement.

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