Kidde 10 Year Smoke Alarm

A sealed in lithium power supply, no battery replacement required for over the 10 year life. Advanced photoelectric sensor detects particles associated with slow smoldering farms. Test/hush button.

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MSA ALTAIR® Single-Gas Detector

MSA’s ALTAIR Single-Gas CO, H2S, or O2 detectors operate for over two years maintenance-free. One-button operation with no sensor or battery changes necessary. Triple alarm system provides visual, audible, and standard vibrating alarms. Rubberized armor housing provides extra durability, superior dust and water protection (IP 67), and great RFI performance. Easy bump check and built-in calibration feature. Bump check confirmed with checkmark on instrument LCD, displayed for 24 hours. Event recorder stores 25 latest events automatically in instrument memory. Built-in IR communications enables interface MSA Link™ Software.

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Multi Gas Detector

The G450 Confined Space Gas Detector continuously measures up to four hazards (CO, H2O, O2, and percent LEL combustible gas) in air. The dust proof and highly water resistant housing is designed to survive the toughest environmental conditions. Most day-to-day functions are controlled with a single button, and calibration is fully automatic. Equipped with datalogging. The datalogger records gas concentrations and alarms on a moment-to-moment basis. Monitoring results can be downloaded to a PC for viewing, storage and evaluation. Includes an extremely loud audible alarm, built-in vibrator and bright wrap-around LED alarm lights visible from every direction. The top-mounted display changes color from green, to orange to red to help communicate the severity of the hazardous condition. Top-mounted display is easy to read even in the dark. Interchangeable battery packs for up to 25 hours of continuous operations.

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GasAlertMax XT II

GasAlertMax XT II is the smart, simple, economical way to compliance with Continuous LCD shows real-time gas concentrations.  Minimize costs and training with one-button operation.   Simple operation, with SmartSample pump. GasAlertMax XT II reliably monitors up to four hazards and combines straightforward one-button operation with our robust, motorized pump for intelligent, remote sampling, ideal for confined spaces. The GasAlertMax XT II is fully compatible with MicroDock II automated test and calibration system.  Dimensions: 5.1” x 2.8” x 2.0”.  Weighs 11.5 oz. with a temperature: range of -4 to 122°F.


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Battery Operated Smoke Detector

Delivers reliable detection with a built in dual chamber ionization smoke sensor. Wide openings provide plenty of air flow for quick detection and if the smoke alarm identifies a dangerous condition it will trigger an 85 decibel siren. 9v battery included.

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