881 Cam Track® Bender Packages (for 2 1/2" - 4" Conduit)

Achieve one shot 90° bends in 4" rigid conduit in 95 seconds. Ram travel scale and charts for accurate bends, offsets and saddles. Pin and clip assembly system for easy assembly and portability. Shoe groups for 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2" and 4" EMC, IMC and Rigid conduit available. Comes in metal storage box. Does not include bending table.

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3" Shoe 90°

For Cam Track Benders.  3,000 IN EMT/IMC/IPS Conduit and Pipe.  90°.

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Mobile Bending Table for 881 Bender

Conduit bending with Greenlee's 881 Bender has gone mobile.  Introducing the Mobile Bending Table, patent pending, all-in one bending solution that gives operators the power and performance of the popular 881 Bender on a wheeled table.  It is quick to set up, stores all components for the 881 Bender and can wheel around the jobsite with ease - saving crews nearly an hour with every move.  Includes two sticks of IMC conduit allowing the user to use it right away.  Locking swivel wheels for maneuverability, and staying power when you don't want the unit to move.  Fork pockets so it can be conveniently moved with a fork truck.  Ram positioner to ease the set up of the Ram to accommodate different size shoes.  Steel pegs with hitch pins for storage of shoes and saddles.  Fits through standard height doors 36" wide.

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Rigid Conduit Benders for One-Shot 90ºs (For 1 1/4"-5")

Models 884 & 885 bend one-shot 90ºs in 1 1/4" – 4" Rigid conduit. The 885 segment bends 5". Features strong, yet lightweight portable pin-assembled aluminum components. Easy to use ram travel scale and charts for accurate bends. Makes elbows, offsets and saddles. Optional 1802 Bending Table is available for easier operation.

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