GFCI Single Outlet Adapter

A cost effective way to provide GFCI protection at 120 volt, 15 amp. The single outlet plug-in-portable provides safety with a high degree of portability. With an overall size of less than 3" high and 2" wide, this unit may be easily moved from room to room where protection is desired. Manual reset is required after trip and power outage to prevent unmonitored equipment startup. UL Listed / Meets OSHA specifications. Color: Yellow.

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GFCI Five Outlet Adapter

Converts any standard duplex outlet into five GFCI and single mode surge protected NEMA 5-15R receptacles. Offers both portability and stationary protection to any appliance or tool plugged into it. The unit comes with a permanent mounting screw and a pilfer resistant mounting plug. This plug-in-portable is equipped with a retractable ground pin, allowing use in 2 or 3 wire circuits. Manual reset is required after trip and power outage to prevent unmonitored equipment startup. Size: 3.18"(W) x 5"(H). Rated for indoor use only.

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User Attachable GFCI Angle Plug

Converts most tools, appliances or extension cords to GFCI by replacing the existing plug with this item. Approved ground fault protection for indoor and outdoor use. Visible test and reset buttons. 15 amps rating. Bright red light indicated when power is on. Color: Black.

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User Attachable In-Line GFCI

Provides electrical shock protection for people in all types of work environments while also protecting tools and equipment from damage. In-Line design attachment of line and load side.Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. UL/CUL approved.

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Duplex GFCI Box

Rugged, heavy-duty, weatherproof box with two outlets. The GFCI receptacle has an automatic power-on reset. The box is made of durable, high impact plastic with a Polar/Solar all weather 12/3 six foot cord. 15 amps rating.

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Cord Connected Portable GFCI

Cord connected portable GFCI, with one duplex GFCI receptacle and one standard (GFCI protected) duplex receptacle in a thermoplastic protective housing. Power-on reset is automatic.  15 amp.  12/3 SJTW with a 6’ cord.

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GFCI Quad Box

Rough service box is made of super strong, high-impact plastic with a 12/3 six foot Polar/Solar cord. Has 2 fully protected outlets with 2 covers to protect each outlet when not in use. Lightweight design and heavy-duty handle allow portability.

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User Replaceable GFCI

Automatic reset with red “power on” LED indicator light. Test and reset buttons allow for periodic testing.  Compatible with 15 amp  outlets and plugs.  Includes hardware for cord gauges 16/2 and 14/2 SJTW cord.  Male plug.  Rate for indoor and outdoor use.

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GFCI Power Cords Single Connector

In-line GFCI with a 12/3 STJW cord. Offers rain-proof GFCI protection with test and automatic reset buttons. The molded tri-source adapter provides durability and flexibility on the job site.

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Pigtail GFCI / 9"

Rainproof rated, ideal for high pressure sprayer washers, power drain snakes, submersible pumps or any equipment used in and around wet areas. Reset is required after trip and power outage to prevent unmonitored equipment startup. Cord gauge: 12/3. Volts/amps: 120V/15A. 9" long.

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GFCI Power Cords - Triple Tap

Insures GFCI protection when using extension cords, while providing a cost savings compared to purchasing the cords and GFCI’s separately. 12/3 AWG SJTW, indoor outdoor heavy duty cord is rainproof rated. Triple tap (3 way block) female receptable. An automatic reset feature allows the GFCI to automatically reset after interruption of primary power. Manual reset is required after a ground fault occurrence.

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Protek Tool Interrupters

Excellent protection against breaking grounded metal pipes, conduit and reinforcement steel while drilling concrete walls and slabs. Simply plug your drill into the Protek II. When the drill bit encounters grounded metal pipes, conduit, rebar, or anything conductive, power to the rotary hammer is interrupted and the drill stops instantly. The Protek II has sturdy cast aluminum housing and extra heavy-duty circuitry to withstand rugged jobsite conditions. Built-in Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) also included. The 13 amp model is for standard electric hand held tools such as rotary hammers. 110-120 volts. Size: 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 3". Weight: 4 lbs.

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Prevents equipment from restarting after a power interruption. Provides an easy to install inexpensive solution to the O.S.H.A. anti-automatic restart requirement. 14" cord on male end and 12" cord on female receptacle end.

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