Hack Saw Blades

Bi-Metal shatterproof blades designed to cut stainless steel, pipe, bar stock, rod, conduit, and most metals. Flexible steel back electron-beam welded to a high speed steel cutting edge, designed to outlast and out cut standard high speed steel blades. Sold in packages of ten blades.

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Lenox® Hackmaster 2® Blades

Long lasting Bi-Metal construction blades with spring steel back. Shatter-proof, shock resistant, with high heat resistance. Sold in packages of ten blades.

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Triple Tooth™ Hack Saw Blades

Triple Tooth™ Bi-Metal hack saw blades utilize maximum cutting efficiency with three teeth sizes.  Lead off with 32 tpi, move to 24tpi for more aggressive strokes and complete stroke with 18tpi. Cut wood, plastic or any machinable metal, including conduit, stainless steel tubing, angle iron, copper tubing, structural materials and more. 10 pk. Manufactured by M.K. Morse.

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