Lenox™ PVC / ABS Plastic Pipe Hand Saw

The Lenox™ PVC/ABS hand saw’s wide, rigid carbon steel blade with hardened teeth will breeze through any diameter plastic pipe, wood and nail embedded wood. It’s heavy duty, lightweight aluminum handle features a comfortable hand grip and a large opening for maximum finger clearance allowing room for work gloves. Saw comes with one blade. Available in 12” or 18” lengths. Replacement blades available.

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Stanley Keyhole Saw

4-way positioning blade cuts curves, circles, and frets into places where an ordinary hacksaw cannot reach or cut. Cuts wood, nails, metal lath, composition board, BX cable, conduit etc. Lightweight, pistol grip handle fits hand. Complete with 1 wood cutting blade and 1 metal cutting blade.

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MIlwaukee Folding Jab Saw

The Milwaukee® Folding Jab Saw allows for quick cutting into multiple materials using standard SAWZALL® recip saw blades. Offers a tool free blade change and the blade folds into the handle for easy storage. Rubber over mold to increase comfort and reduce hand slippage.

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Coping Saw

Professional quality. Handle is constructed of rich, walnut stained hardwood. Blades are highest grade high carbon steel-hardened and tempered to give clean, controllable cutting action. Length: 6 3/8". Frame depth: 6-3/4".

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Stanley Wallboard Saw

Designed especially for cutouts in plasterboard such as electrical outlets. Self-starting point-sharpened for plunge cuts. Blade is epoxy bonded to the stained wood handle keeping the blade secure even under rugged use. Blade length: 6".

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DeWalt Jab Saw

The Jab Saw is great for a variety of different uses, most notably for cutting drywall and plastic. The tooth design enables 50% faster cutting than traditional tooth designs.

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Irwin Carpenter Saws

Ergonomically designed handle with unique blade angle which puts more teeth in the wood with each stroke. Three sided ground tooth design for 50% faster cutting than milled & set blades. Induction hardened teeth last 3 times longer than non-hardened blades.

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Stanley Short Cut® Handsaw

Cuts 50% faster than conventional handsaws. Revolutionary tooth design delivers efficient, clean cutting performance. Extra wide select hardwood handle provides greater comfort and control. Resharpenable teeth. Full length protective sleeve. Crosscut Saw Blade Length: 20" Points Per Inch: 9

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Stanley Handyman® Handsaw

Teeth are machine set and sharpened for accurate cutting. High carbon steel blade hardened and tempered for sharpness and long life. Select hardwood handle for comfort and control. Full length sleeve. Crosscut Blade Length: 26" Points Per Inch: 12

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