Swivel Loop Hanger

Often referred to as an “EM-Lok” hanger. Manufactured to use minimum rod sizes permitted by the NFPA for fire sprinkler piping. Electro-galvanized. Made of pre-galvanized carbon steel with zinc electroplate insert nut. FM approved and UL listed. Available in an electro-galvanized or copper plated finish.

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Clevis Hanger Standard

Recommended for the support of stationary, non-insulated pipe lines. FM approved for 2 1/2" through 8" pipe. UL listed for 2 1/2" through 8" only.

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Heavy Duty U-Bolt

Pipe support for general piping applications. Electro-Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

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Riser Clamp

Designed for supporting vertical steel risers, utilizing the structure to support the legs on each end of the clamp. Normally rests on the floor through which the riser passes. Designed to hold utilizing clamping action alone with no more than 10' of water filled steel pipe. (Welded lugs must be used on pipe above clamp for greater loads.)

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Split Ring Hanger

Designed for suspending non-insulated stationary pipe lines. Can be used in conjunction with a Steel Wall Plate to allow for runs close to ceilings or walls.

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