Trauma Strap

The Trauma Strap is an indispensable item for anyone working at height, and helps to mitigate the effects of suspension trauma (which can occur in as little as 15 minutes) in the event of a fall. By allowing the fallen worker to assume a standing position and relieve pressure on the lower extremities, the Trauma Strap allows better blood flow and reduces fatigue. Compatible with most full-body harnesses, the Trauma Strap is easy to adjust, and its low profile keeps it out of the way during work.

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Falltech Pass-through Choker Anchor with Heavy-duty Wear Pad

Features 1-3/4" load-bearing web with 3" wide full length wear pad for abrasion resistance Appropriately sized alloy steel D-rings provide simple pass-through choke-on installation. May be passed-through multiple times to shorten length Smaller D-ring facilitates connection point for SRLs and lanyards Each D-ring termination features three individual 2" box-stitches for longer life Complies with ANSI Z359.18-2017.

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Miller Relief Step™ Safety Device

Relief safety device is designed to relieve suspension trauma after a fall arrest.  Easy to deploy and use.  Attaches to any brand full-body harness.

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Non-Shock Absorbing Extension Lanyard

The Guardian Fall Protection Extension Lanyard offers the convenient option of lengthening a full-body harness dorsal D-ring, making it easier to attach to. The snap hook component of the Extension Lanyard attaches directly to the dorsal D-ring, and then the Extension Lanyard D-ring becomes the new harness connection point. This product is ideal for workers who cannot comfortably reach their harness dorsal D-ring, though it is always important to consider the 18 inch fall clearance and free fall increase when this lanyard is in use.

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Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

Attaches to most harnesses and allows user to stand in harness after a fall. Fast and easy installation with simple and fast zipper style deployment. Continuous loop design.  Sold as pair.

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PRO™ D-ring Extension

1.5 ft. D-ring extension attaches to dorsal D-ring of harness extending tie-off point over shoulder making connections easier.  Abrasion resistant polyester webbing rugged construction endures rough use, standing up to long periods of outdoor elements including sun exposure without tearing or fraying for added longevity. User friendly self locking snap hook.  Automatically locks and closes for added safety, and allow you to open and connect without getting your thumb or fingers in the way even with gloves on. High strength D-ring tie-off point provides a safe and compatible connection point for your fall protection subsystem such as lanyard or self retracting lifeline.

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D-Ring Extension For Harnesses

This is designed to make hooking a lanyard or retractable a lot easier. The D-ring Extension is 18" long, with a snap hook at one end, and a D-ring at the other end. Not only does this device eliminate having to reach to attach something to your back, but it also helps assure a safe connection.

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Carrying Bag

This durable large carrying bag will hold a harness, lanyard and a retractable - with room to spare.

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