Heat Cannon-Regulators and Hose Assemblies


Oil Filled Convection Radiator Heater

3 Heat Settings, 600W, 900W & 1500W with thermostat.  Wheels for easy portabilty.  Built In Cord Storage.   ETL Approved.  Dimensions 13.78"L x 9.84"W x 25.79"H.  Weight: 19.32 LB .

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MIlkhouse Electric Utility Heater

Heavy duty electric utility heater, with automatic thermostat. Two settings 1000W and 1500W, 3412 BTUs at low, 5118 at high. Other features include tip over protection, fan forced coils, overheat protection, auto shut-off and more.

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Portable Electric Heater

Features three heats with an automatic control: Low (radiant heat, no fan), Medium (fan forced), and High (radiant and fan forced). Automatic thermostat controls desired comfort level. Tip-over switch automatically shuts off heater should it tip forward or backwards. Heats room up to 12' x 12'. Comes with 6’ cord. Maximum BTU’s per hour: 5,118. Weight: 9 lbs. Color: Hammertone Beige. 120 volts.

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Portable Ceramic Heater

Compact ceramic heater. Seperate heat modes high/low settings and fan only mode. Safety overheat protection and adjustable thermostat for comfort control.

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Baseboard Heater

Lightweight with carry handles offering 1500 watts of comforting warmth. Built-in safety features, including tip-over switch, overheat protection and 3-prong grounded plug. Digital controls with an 8-hour timer.  5.4"L x 39.7"W x 9"H. Weight: 14 lbs.  E.T.L. listed

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Construction Site Utility Heater

Heavy duty fan forced electric heater with a steel tubular element. Built-in thermostat. 240 volt, 1 phase motor. Comes with a 20 amp NEMA 6-20 plug configuration. Internal overheat thermostat for safety. Comes with 6’ cord. Weight: 15 lbs. Size: 10 1/4"(W) x 12"(H) x 7 1/2"(D). U.L. listed.

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Electric Unit Heater

Designed as a heavy duty portable, wall hung or ceiling suspended unit heater. Swivel base. Temperature control thermostat with 35°F to 85°F range.  Finned steel tubular heating element. Internal manual reset thermal cut-out. Comes with a 30 amp NEMA 6-30P plug configuration. 6' long cord with molded plug.  Weight: 20 lbs. Size: 13 1/2"(W) x 17 1/2"(H) x 11 1/2"(D). U.L. listed.

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Portable Electric Salamander

Designed for construction site heating, or emergency heating and drying. 10" rubber wheels for easy mobility. Safety yellow heater enclosure has safety screens on both air intake and output openings. Long-life finned tubular heating elements, high-limit thermal cutout switch with automatic reset. Thermostat adjusts from 40° to 100° F. Toggle switch for fan only operation. Salamander units are factory pre-wired for 3-phase delta operation. The units can be converted to Single Phase operation. However, please note that conversion to single phase voids C-UL®, UL®, and ETL Listings. 800 CFM. Weight: 51 lbs. Cable kit must be ordered separately, except for Item 12-2292, 10 foot cord comes preassembled.

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Cable Kits For Portable Electric Salamander

This cable package includes 25 feet of Type SO jacketed cable. Each cable has 6” of the outer jacket removed at one end, and the other end terminated with #10 ring terminals.

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Oil-Fired (Kerosene) Forced Air Heater

These high output portable heaters are designed to withstand the most rugged jobsite conditions. State of the art safety and reliability features. Uses no spark plug on models from 55,000-155,000 BTU’s eliminating incomplete combustion, and odor. Easy to operate-just fill with #1 kerosene and plug into a 110-115V 60 hz outlet. All four units include built-in thermostat. The four models listed below are also available for rental. Made in USA.

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DeWalt Forced Air Kerosene Heater

Rugged two-piece spite barrel, designed to make cleaning and maintenance easier and safer.  Fuel tank run time: 11 hours.  Ergonomic handle for easy transport.  Continuous electronic ignition is always present as a source of ignition for unburned fuel, reducing the ability for fuels to pool and collect in a dangerous manner.

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Patron Forced Air Heaters

Built for prolonged use in challenging situtions, powder coated steel housing and high quality sealed motor.  Heating, drying and ventilating.  Integrated ambient thermostat from 32°F - 104°F.  Overheat protection at 104°F.  Fast, high temperature rise with uni-directional fan.  UL and CSA approved.

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Propane Forced Air Heaters

Rugged two-piece spite barrel, designed to make cleaning and maintenance easier and safer.  Continuous electronic ignition is always present as a source of ignition for unburned fuel, reducing the ability for fuels to pool and collect in a dangerous manner.  Solid spark ignition. Includes:  L.P. Hose and regulator.

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Vented Kerosene Heater

Produces clean, dry, and safe indirect heat suitable for drying and heating building sites. Powerful internal fans along with a heat exchanger allow the placement of this heater outdoors while delivering heated air up to 50’ through ducting at 1,950 CFM, thereby eliminating exposure to fumes inside. Automatic electric safety and control devices are standard equipment. Can also be connected to a thermostat. Heavy duty wheels and built-in handle allow for easy jobsite mobility. BTU Capacity: 285,000. Uses Kerosene, Diesel 1# or 2#, Fuel Oil, Jet A fuel. 16” diameter output.

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Val 6® Infrared Heater

This unique heater uses high intensity infrared heat that penetrates evenly and directly onto surfaces just like sunlight. Unlike traditional forced air heaters, the Val 6 is unaffected by wind or rain generating heat directly to the object without any air movement, thus no heat loss. Val 6’s combustion system produces no odor and no smoke while running. In fact, the Val 6 produces less than 2 parts per million of carbon monoxide making this suitable for running indoors. The Val 6 is also efficient, consuming 75% less fuel that a standard forced air “torpedo style” heater uses. Uses kerosene or diesel fuel. This is the perfect heater for jobsites, especially masons who need to keep walls and their workspaces warm.

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Val6 Multi-Fuel Infrared Heater MPX

Same radiant heat technology as 19-1999, but compact in size.  MPX offers duel heating style uses both infrared and convectional heating to offer the highest efficiency heating. High / low output control.  The MPX is able to operate continuously for over 15 hours with low speed combustion which enables it to operate all night without refueling.  Effieicent burner allows it to operate quietly.  Safety features include: tip-over, flame monitor, electrical system protection, and overheat.

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Ductable Construction Heaters

Perfect for construction applications that require directed heat as well as small, hard-to-reach areas. These heaters can be placed inside* or outside the building.(The 350,000 BTU model is ductable up to 100 feet.) Features include dependable, easy start electronic ignition, thermostatic control, and quiet operation for environments that require low noise. These heaters are also easy to move with handles and rolling wheels. Both the 170,000 and 350,000 BTU models are ideal for construction environments where you need to switch from propane to natural gas as the job progresses. Changing the fuel supply is as simple as turning the fuel selector valve.
*If unit is placed inside, must be open area and well ventilated.

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Propane Convection Heater

Big powerful heat in a compact design.  Matchless piezo spark igniter for easy lighting; operates on a standard 100 lb. propane cylinder. Automatic shut-off if flame is extinguished. 10-foot hose and regulator.

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Heat Cannon

This is the highest quality, most durable propane convection heater on the market. Produces adjustable heat from 50,000 to 150,000 BTU/HR, blowing the heated air up to 6’ from the unit. Engineered for simple operation and minimal service. Light and highly portable. Stackable for transportation and storage (saving costly storage space). Built rugged to withstand the rough and tough applications. Designed to operate without a fan or electricity. Each unit factory is tested and equipped with a gas valve which closes automatically on flame failure for safety purposes. Includes 20’ long hose and adjustable regulator.

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