Hand Chain Hoist

These hand chain hoists feature a compact lightweight design and are ideal for construction job site applications where portability and ease of rigging is necessary. Compact gear housing provides low headroom. Triple-spur gears provide high efficiency with minimum. Safety features such as optional overload protection prevents the hoist from lifting damaging loads beyond its rated capacity. The JET® exclusive innovation showcased in the patented fused brake system reduces maintenance costs and limits downtime. Complies with OSHA, ANSI/ASME B30.16 and HST-2 standards

Please note: Standard hand chain drop is 2 feet less than lift.

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Steel Lever Hoist

The patented, advanced offset handle design allows for extra clearance between the operator's hand and the load chain. Industrial rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging and slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation. Durability Grade 100, corrosive resistant plated load chain is a smaller, more compact link that is 20% stronger than Grade 80 load chain. Secured with Allen screws and lock nuts, the cast-steel safety latches are more durable than stamped steel latches and will not bend out of compliance with lifting regulations. Intended for the harshest environments, the heat treated load plates and case hardened corrosive resistant internal parts extend the life of the hoist. The lightweight design with shorter handle and smaller body are ideal for confined areas and low headroom applications

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Cable Hoist

General purpose cable puller designed to lift, lower, stretch or pull heavy loads 1-Ton to 4-Ton capacities. Lightweight zinc plated steel construction to resist corrosion. Double solid cast aluminum ratchet wheel brake system holds load securely in any position. Concealed spring lever control prevents accidential release. Drop forged hooks with safety latches are standard. Aircraft quality 3/16" cable. Snatch block included with 2-ton and 4-ton models. Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.21 standards. Load tested to 125% of capacity with certificate.

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Beam Clamp

Durability Welded all-steel frame and powder coat finish provide maximum durability and protection. Clamp jaw is designed to distribute the load away from the beam flange edge increasing safety. Used for quick mounting of a hoist on a broad range of beams up to 8-2/3 inches wide for increased versatility. Complies with ANSI / ASME B30.17 and B30.20 standards. Load tested to 125% of capacity with certificate

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My-Te® Electric Winch Hoist (2,000 lb. Capacity)

This portable electric hoist is excellent for long lift applications. Up to 1,000 lb. lifting capacity. Powered by a 1.25  HP motor that plugs into any 115 Volt, AC grounded outlet. The motor has worm gear that holds the load in position when stopped. The high capacity cable drum holds a one of any four diameters of steel cable: 1/8'' (up to 1,000'), 3/16'' (up to 450'), 1/4'' (up to 250') and 5/16''' (up to 150'). Heavy duty angle base is drilled for six 1/2'' bolts (9/16'' diameter holes) for mounting. Weight: 76 lbs.

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My-Te® Max Electric Winch Hoist

This heavy duty portable electric hoist offers powerful handling or diverse lifting and pulling tasks. Used for lifting heavy apparatus and motors. Ideal for in-plant use or installation of elevator equipment. Unit has positive load holding, cable tensioner for the better tracking and dynamic braking for instant stopping. Powered by a 1.25 HP motor that plugs into any 115V, AC grounded outlet. Unit is wired with a low voltage 10 foot pendant control and has a lifting capacity of up to 6000lbs. Cable drum storage holds up to 250 ft. (1/4''), 160 ft (5/16''), and 110 ft. (3/8'') Heavy duty base drilled for six 9/16'' mounting holes for 1/2'' diameter bolts. Weight 127 lbs.

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Lug-All Replacement Handle

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Gin Wheel Or Roofer’s Block

Heavy duty 12" Gin wheel, also known as roofer's block or hoisting block.  Swivel latch with hook. Ideal for hoisting roofing materials and tar on top of buildings. Model GW12


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Single Manila Rope Wood Blocks

Mortise wood blocks for manila rope have all drop forged fittings. Single iron sheave. All metal parts are galvanized. Round loose hook with safety latch.

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Double Manila Rope Wood Blocks

Mortise wood blocks for manila rope have all drop forged fittings. Double iron sheaves. All metal parts are galvanized. Round loose hook with safety latch.

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Haven’s™ Grips

Also known as a "Wire Grips" or “Chicago™ Grip,” this wire pulling grip is an ideal tool used to grip the cable so it can be pulled, tugged, stretched or dragged. Designed for use when a light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor. Pulls wire and cable tight with a come along (ratchet puller). Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4" cable area. Item 16-0007 has a swing latch to help hold cable in the jaw.

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Ratchet Binder

These turnbuckle type load binders offer the advantage of a continuous take-up feature and infinite adjustment that gets the last half link of chain. The pushpull ratchet action and double-acting, spring-loaded pawl permit easy one-man operation without kickbacks. Pinpoint setting for tension. Permanently locked at all times. All steel rigid construction. Supplied with grab hooks at each end.

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Load Binder

Forged Lever type load binder. All components are forged. Forged binders are lighter and stronger than cast binders.  Maximum chain size is 3/8" for grades:  G43, G30, G70 and G80. Made in USA.

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