CoverMe Hole Covers

CoverMe hole covers are safe, efficient and affordable. Stay OSHA compliant in seconds with these adjustable, load-bearing, reusable hole covers. OSHA requires that all hole covers larger than 2” on a construction site be covered with a load-bearing material that is pre-marked with the word “hole”. Each employee on a walking/working surface shall be protected from tripping in or stepping into or through holes by covers. CoverMe is replacing the old way of covering holes with a sheet of plywood, 2”x4”, screws, power tools and spray paint. CoverMe advantages include no tools required, load-bearing (human), reusable/recyclable, water-resistant stripping, pre-marked “Hole”, knockout hole for cords, beveled edge to reduce tripping hazards and adjustable locking clips. To install a CoverMe hole cover is 95% more time effective than the old way of using plywood hole covers.

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The Hole Solution™

Leaving cored holes open during construction is not only and OSHA violation, but dangerous as well. Open cored holes are trip hazards. Debris, tools. or materials that fall through these holes can potentially injure workers below. The HOLE Solution is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to solve any of these problems. The HOLE Solution fits securely, stays solidly in place, and remains flush to the surface of the floor. A specially designed seal prevents water from passing through the hole and to the floor below. The HOLE Solution's bright OSHA yellow color provides visibility. Finally, Hole Solution covers are reusable. Replacement water seals are also available, but sold in package quantities only (2"-6" sizes sold 50/pkg: 7"-9" sold 25/pkg).

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The Hole Solution™ Replacement Seal Only

Replacement seals only for The Hole Solution™.  Sold in Package quantities only.

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