Ridgid HC-300 Hole Cutter

With 8" mounting capacity, the HC-300 effortlessly and accurately drills up to 3" holes for branching and servicing unpressurized pipelines using standard hole saws. The tool consists of a separate base and power unit that can be disconnected for easy mounting using a quick release mechanism. The HC-300 weighs only 31 lbs and can be separated into two lighter weight pieces for easy transport, particularly when working off a ladder or scaffolding. Powerful 1.2 HP, 11 amp motor delivers 360 rpm for fast cutting and maximum hole saw life. Model HC-300.

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Ridgid HC-450 Hole Cutter

Similar to the HC-300 (11-6203), but with a 13 amp motor yielding 110 rpm the HC-450 will drill up to 4 3/4" diameter holes using standard hole saws. The hole allows the use of Mechanical T’s®, Vic-Let™ or welded saddles to branch a new pipe line. Clamps onto pipe from 1 1/4" - 8" either on the ground or overhead. A unique rotating level ensures that repeated holes will line up. Two feed handles and two switches allow operation from either side. 13 amp motor with 110 rpm yields maximum torque. Weight: 42 lbs. Model HC-450.

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