Peladow™ Ice Melter

Performs the fastest and at the lowest effective temperature. Penetrates ice up to 3 times faster than competing ice melters.  Contains 90% Calcium Chloride. The most effective product for melting ice and snow. Releases heat to speed melting.  Continues to melt ice @ -25°, while competing products stop at 0° F. Available in 50 lb. pail or 50 lb. bag.

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Snow & Go Winter Traction Aid and Ice Melter

Oil-Dri® Snow & Go is a unique winter traction aid that breaks down snow and ice while absorbing the standing water before it can re-freeze. The all-natural formula is non-toxic and contains only 1/3 salt by volume thereby reducing the negative environmental impact of salt.  Melts now and ice to 0° F.  The long lasting traction granules absorb their weight in water and will not break down and turn into mud. This means more TRACTION and less TRACKING.

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Green Scapes Ice Melt

An organically-based product that is environmentally-friendly, less corrosive, biodegradable, fast-acting and all natural.  Each granule encapsulated with Liquid Ice Ban.  Enhanced green color indicator for easy application.  Melts snow and ice to -10° F

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ComboTherm™ Blended Deicer

Unique "processed blend" that combines deicing chemicals into a single chip. Contains 70% calcium chloride, the highest percentage of any other blend on the market. Contains a color additive that helps to indicate area of coverage. As the product dissolves the color fades - along with the ice and snow. Keeps working to -25°F.

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MAG® Pellets

MAG® Pellets offer a safer alternative to melting ice and snow. Significantly less corrosive than calcium chloride and sodium chloride on steel, tin, and aluminum, and causes significantly less spalling on concrete. With it's lower chloride content, there is less chloride run-off and therefore better for the environment. Safer for use around animals and humans due to it's low toxicity, and safer to use around vegetation as well. Works down to -13° F. The spherical shape of the pellets works well with spreaders.

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Cool Blue™ Ice Melt Crystal

A formulation of sodium and magnesium chlorides, blended to melt ice and snow faster than rock salt at temperatures as low as -12° F. Safety blue color coating offers positive proof of performance, staying visible before and after application.

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Urea is a safe, non-corrosive fertilizer alternative for de-icing. The chemical is easy to use on walkways and areas that can’t use highly corrosive chloride salts for de-icing operations use urea as the preferred alternative.

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