Fits most brands of Table Saws and other stationaary equipment.


Premium Table Saw Blades

These are a carbide tipped higher quality, long lasting blade for use on Table Top & Stationary saws. Arbor size: 5/8".

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Ripping Blade

Heavy duty blade with increased thickness of kerf and plate. Excellent for ripping natural woods along the grain, suitable for use with most rip saws. 5/8" bore, FT Grind.

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Melamine Cutting Blade

Specifically designed to cut melamine chip-free on both sides, as long as the table saw is square to the blade. Features high ATB grind for smooth cuts. Easily re-sharpened for long use. 5/8" bore.

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Plastic Cutting Blade-No Melt

Special application blades for acrylic sheets, plexiglass, lexan etc. The negative hook angle reduces chip-welding or melting of material. TCG Grind.

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Fiber Cement Board Blades

Fiber Cement is a very abrasive material that wears down normal carbide very quickly. Board Pro Plus Blades have select quality Poly-Crystalline Diamond tips and hardened steel plates. These unique features provide fast, efficient cutting as well as long life. These blades can be used on just about any type of fiber cement board including Hardiplank®, Hardipanel®, Hardishingle®, Harditrim®, Hardibacker®, Durock®, Cemplank®, Certainteed, or Nichiha.

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