Glasstack 25 Water-Based

Glasstack 25 is a slower tacking water based insulation adhesive specially formulated for extrusion coil lines, robonders and spray applications where a fast dry time is not necessary when adhering fiberglass insulation to sheet metal duct work. Can brush on or spray using a stainless steel spray gun. Tack time 30 minutes, dry time approximately 1 hour. Water based, cleans up with soap and warm water.


Shelf Life:  18 months unopened
Color:  White, dries clear
Coverage rate:  Approx. 500 sq. ft. depending on application technique

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Butyl Flange Gasket Tape

B-TAPE is a permanently flexible, soft gum tape that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It will not harden, crack, chalk, or cold flow when exposed to high temperatures. It also has excellent cold temperature adhesion. Used to seal all types of HVAC flanged duct systems that require a gasket material or any application where a weather resistant, flexible sealing gum is required. Cut to desired length, peel off liner from adhesive back and press onto flange that is free from dirt or oil. Clean up with soap and warm water.


Shelf Life:  20 years minimum
Color:  Gray
Pressure Rating:  Maximum 16” water column pressure

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