Knaack DataVault™ Digital Plan Station

DataVault is a mobile digitial plan station.  Ability to sync to various digital devices at the jobsite both wirelessly and direct.  Offers real time jobsite management collaboration and connectivity to BIM software.  DataVault's customized interior arrives on the job ready to use.

Ability to sync various devices at jobsite through wireless and direct connect ports.  Compatible with wireless routers and PCs for technology customization.  Connect to your BIM and digital project management technology.  Fits through standard door frame with included wheel casters, and 4 lift points to place in position.  Knaack quality 16 gauge steel box built to protect against theft and resist jobsite conditions.  Watchman IV lock technology standard to Knaack products.

Features include: Crane lift kit, 40" monitor (view plans and specification with a protective acrylic surface TV that is adjustable in/out, 3-position hatch, Color laser printer with AirPrint for wireless printing capabilities, fits through standard 36" wide steel frame door, USB switch and Hub allows user to connect, switch and charge mobile devices with 4port USB hub/2port USB switch, cable pass-through allows user to plug and charge laptop tablet, and other digital devices, Power Crew® in box power supply provides (4) GFCI outlets for safer in-box power and up to 30 minutes of emergency power.  Surge protector (included) is able to withstand generator power fluctuations.

Includes:  40" Monitor, Laser printer with AirPrint, UPS backup power, (2) power strips, 4 port USB hub, 2 port USB switch, extension cord, installed cable harness (printer cable, VGA, HDMI), and wheel casters.

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Short Plastic Storage Bins

Bins attach to rails on side walls, in top compartment of Field Station Model 119-01. Set of 4. Dimensions: H:2 3/4 W: 3 1/2 L: 4 3/4. Weight (lbs.): 2

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Long Plastic Storage Bins

Bins attach to rails on side walls or below shelves, in top compartment of Field Station model 119-01. Set of 4.  Dimensions: H:3 1/4 W: 3 3/8 L: 10 1/4. Weight (lbs.): 2

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Metal Side Shelf

Metal side shelf attached to rails on side walls, in top compartment of Field Station Model 119-01.  Dimensions: 3 H, 6 W, 18 L.  Weight 4.5 lbs.

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Lockable Shelf Door Kit

Lockable Shelf Door Kit attaches to pre-punched holes in shelf of Model 119-01 Field Station. Doubles as whiteboard. Cables hold open door flat. Includes mounting hardware and side walls (padlock not included).

Dimensions: H:19 1/2 W: 1 L: 46 1/2. Weight (lbs.): 23

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Waterproof LED Light Kit

Waterproof LED Light kit mounting brackets screw into channel on ceiling of Model 119-01 Field Station. Includes LED light bar, power adapter, mounting hardware and wire raceways. 600 Lumens – Equivalent to approximately 50 watt incandescent bulb. Dimensions: H:1/2 W: 1/2 L: 19 1/2.  Weight (lbs.): 2

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