Guardian Shock-Absorbing Lanyards

Features a woven shock absorber that greatly reduces the impact of fall arresting forces. The durable nylon webbing resists job site wear. The clear shock absorber pack allows full inspection of the lanyard before use.

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Guardian Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Used for positioning and restraint only. Allows workers to attach to an anchorage point or system with enough length to safely complete the job. Perfect also for use with aerial buckets and lifts. Made of a durable nylon web.

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Guardian Big Boss Extended Free Fall Lanyard

Big Boss lanyard is ideal for a secure tie off at feet when there is not an overhead anchorage.   It can be used for up to a 12 ft. free fall and will limit the average arresting forces below the 1,350 lb.  Big Boss lanyard can also be used as a standard lanyard for workers between 310 lbs to 420 lbs.  1" nylon webbing is light and durable.  Features a clear shock absorber pack for easy inspection.  Complies with the ANSI .13 Standard.

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Guardian Internal Shock Lanyard

Heavy-duty outer polyester webbing, with a polyester core specifically designed to reduce the impact forces resulting from a fall. Because the shock absorption is built directly into the lanyard there is no need for an external shock absorber, making the Internal Shock Lanyard a particularly lightweight option. This lanyard does not stretch, except if exposed to high levels of force.  Steel rebar hooks.

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Guardian External Shock Lanyard

The shock absorbing lanyard is the premiere free fall lanyard offered by Guardian Fall Protection. It meets all the stringent ANSI Z359.13-2013 regulations, and the integrated shock absorbing component limits average arresting forces to 900 pounds or less. It is comprised of 1” nylon web with a clear shock pack for easy inspection.  3,600 lb. connector gate on webbing.

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Guardian Stretch Lanyard

Helps reduce trip hazards by stretching from 4 1/2' to 6’. Made of high visibility nylon webbing, with snap hooks at both ends.

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EZ-Stop® II Lanyard

Utilizes a unique tearing action to effectively absorb energy created by a falling person. The special web is designed to tear through the horizontal (non-strength member) web in a controlled fashion at a predetermined force. Web is enclosed by a durable nylon cover. Lanyard material is 1" polyester web. Self locking snaps at each end.

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Werner Soft Coil Lanyard

SoftCoil lanyard features an energy absorbing inner core that uses the entire length of the lanyard to absorb the energy of a fall and reduce the arresting forces on a user. An integrated impact indicator provides obvious warning to the user when the lanyard has been in a fall. The snap hook is designed to prevent false engagement when connecting to the harness.

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PRO™ Stretch 100% Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyard

6 ft. double-leg 100% tie-off with elastic web and snap hook at center, steel rebar hooks at leg ends.  Expands to 6 ft. when taut and contracts to 4-1/2 ft. keeping it out of the workers way, reducing dragging, snagging and trip falls. Unique inner core immediately begins to extend and absorb energy during a fall, limiting arresting forces to safe levels.


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