Bosch 7” Large Angle Grinder with Rat Tail Handle

Bosch 15 Amp grinder has lock-on/off switch for extended use application. Service minder brushes will stop the tool when preventive maintenance is required. Spindle lock for quick wheel changes.

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Milwaukee 7" / 9" Grinder

The 15 Amp, 4.2 HP motor provides high overload protection and power for the toughest jobs. This model has a 3-position side handle.  The 7” Burst Resistant blade guard is included. Includes a “lock-on” switch for continuous machine operation.  Includes, side handle , 7" & 9" Type 27 guard , spanner wrench , flanges.

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Dewalt 7” Brushless Rat Tail Angle Grinder with Kickback Brake

This 7’ Brushless Small Angle Grinder, Rat Tail, with Kickback Brake, No Lock, and Pipeline Cover is GUARANTEED TOUGH with a high-performance brushless motor. You'll never need to service it for brush replacements. An integrated brake stops the wheel quickly when the motor shuts off.  Kickback Brake and E-CLUTCH® are designed to help give the user enhanced control in bind-ups and stalls, and LANYARD READY™ attachment points make it easy to tether the tool when working at height.  POWER-LOSS RESET® - The ON/OFF trigger switch has a no-volt release function. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch will need to be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart tool.  2-stage trigger requires two actions to activate too. Kit includes: grinder, side handle, hex key, inner and outer flange, 7” type 27 guard and pipeline cover.

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DeWalt 7" Angle Grinder

High power 4.7 HP, 8,500 rpm motor provides overload protection provides higher operating speeds under load.  Dust Ejection System™ protects the motor from damaging particles entering the air intake that would otherwise abrade the motor and increases brush life.  Anti-Vibe trigger handle reduces user fatigues caused by vibration.  Automatic turn-off brushes shut down the tool when brushes need to be changed to avoid tool damage.  Low profile gearcase allows for work in tight areas.  Includes 7" guard and 3-position side handle.

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Metabo 7" Angle Grinder

Heavy-duty 7" angle grinder. Spindle lock for quick and easy wheel changes. Switch lock to avoid accidental starting. The rear handle can be turned in either direction through 90° without the use of any tools and engages in these positions. This feature is ideal for jobs with cut-off wheels and also for left-handed users. Standard equipment: Side handle and wheel guard.

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Bosch 7” 15 Amp High Performance Large Angle Grinder

Maximum power at minimum weight; up to 20% lighter than comparable tools.  Patented vibration control with soft grip reduces vibration by up to 50%.  Quick adjust guard system quickly adjusts and locks in place for added protection.  Epoxy coated field windings provides ultimate protection against abrasive dust and metal debris.  Service minder brushes eliminates guesswork, stops tool when preventive maintenance is required. AC/DC compatibility extends tool versatility to DC outlets such as welders and generators. Includes: vibration control side handle, quick adjust wheel guard, grinding wheel flange kit, and spanner wrench.

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DeWalt 9" Angle Grinder with Guard

High power 4.7 HP 6,500 rpm motor provides overload protection.  Dust Ejection System™ increases brush life and protects the motor from damaging particles entering the air intake that would otherwise abrade the motor.   Anti-Vibe trigger handle reduces user fatigue caused by vibration.  Soft grip trigger handles provides greater comfort and control.  Automatic turn-off brushes shut down the tool when brushes need to be changed to avoid tool damage.  3 position side handle provides improved erogonimics for specific applications.

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Bosch 9" Angle Grinder

Features epoxy-coated windings which protect motor from sharp grinding dust. Spiral bevel gears for smooth power transmission. Lock on/lock off switch. Vibration control side and main handles reduce vibration up to 60%. AC/DC capability. Includes Vibration Control Auxiliary Handle,  9" guard.

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