Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blades are the best cutting, longest lasting, strongest blades on the market today. Bi-metal composition combined with a unique blade geometry deliver the fastest, straightest and smoothest cuts possible. Along with Lenox Standard Bi-Metal Blades, also available in several sizes and styles are the new Lenox GoldTM Blades which have a titanium edge yielding double the blade life at only 20% higher cost than standard Lenox blades.  All reciprocating saw blades are sold in individual or pack quantities as listed.


Lenox® Wood Cutting Blades

For rough work in wood including nail-embedded woods.

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Lenox® Metalwolf™ Wave Edge™ Cutting Blades

Designed for extensive metal applications. Thin blade design is ideal for making quick cuts through a range of metal types and gauges. High-speed steel cutting edge and spring steel backing helps strengthen the blade, reduce breaks, and provides durability for long blade life.

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Lenox® Master-Grit™ Blades

Tungsten carbide continuous edge medium grit particles have higher abrasion resistance than bi-metal blades resulting in significantly longer blade life in the recommended materials listed below.

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Lenox® Diamond™ Cast Iron Cutting Blade

Designed specifically for cutting cast iron pipe quickly and easily. Industrial diamonds embedded in high strength nickel alloy bronze last up to 3 times longer than tungsten carbide style blades. A narrow kerf edge removes a thinner cross section of material for faster cutting. Unlike using snap cutters, there is no need to be concerned about crushing the pipe.

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