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Genie® Contractor Lifts

This portable material lift has a heavy duty design, yet is lightweight and portable. Quick setup requires no tools. Loads easily into a pickup truck for easy transporting. Features a rear transport wheel assembly. 4" front casters and 5" rear casters with side brakes are standard. Hold-down bar holds mast assembly in place during transport. Base width of all sizes of Genie Lifts listed below is 31 1/2", making it easy to fit through standard doorways. Optional fork extensions are also available.

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Sumner® Series 2100 Contractor Lifts

Series 2100 portable lightweight yet heavy duty contractors lift. Built for moving heavy materials such as steel beams. Set up is fast and easy with no tools or loose hardware to worry about. Has reversible forks for easy repositioning, lockable 5” casters in front and 10” rough terrain wheels in rear for easy loading. Unit has an inside-mast cable, avoiding any exposed cable near the operator’s face. Built-in single speed winch uses idler roller to feed cable evenly on the drum to avoid cable flats. Unique mast hold down bar holds carriage and mast during transportation.

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Sumner® Series 2400 Contractor Lift

Series 2400 is super compact with a 450 lbs. lift capacity. One piece construction with no loose pieces. Easily portable for one person operation and fits most SUVs and vans. Use convenient handle for “hand truck” mobility and to position lift at point of use. Cable feeds are inside mast, removed from the operator for safety. Coffee grinder style winch features autobraking and detachable winch handles. Two plunger pins permit quick release of forks. Forks may be removed for storage or reversed for added height. (4) 3" double row casters permit easy handling of heavy loads. Casters swivel independently, are lockable to insure safety and allow for multi-directional positioning of lift.

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Sumner® Fork Extensions

Fork extension kit for Sumner Series 2000 and Series 2100 contractor lifts. Forks may be extended from 28" to 42" with the push of a button. A second button returns the extensions for storage inside the forks. Please note: With longer forks the weight capacity decreases to 200 lbs. This is marked on the forks when extended.

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Vermette 12' Material LIft

Lifts 1,000 lbs up to 12 feet.  Sectional design provides fast, easy set-up, take-down, transport and conversion to lift heights as low as 4'6" with overall unit of 6'7".  Two handle roller bearing winch provides a fast, smooth operation and a self energizing brake automatically locks the load in place.  Two outriggers swing out for extra stability and four swivel caster permit easy positioning. Two handle winch for efficient leverage.  5" casters with locking brake.  Will pass through standard 30" doorway.

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