Milwaukee Compact Magnetic Tape Measure

Compact Wide Blade Tape Measures have up to 15' of reach allowing you to quickly take measurements. The tape is wear and impact-resistant with nylon blade protection and an additional anti-tear coating on the first 6” of the blade, reducing tape tear. Built to withstand the jobsite, the compact measuring tapes are constructed with a 5-point reinforced frame for impact resistance.

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Milwaukee Fiberglass Open Reel Long Tapes

Features a GRIME GUARD™ Blade Wiper for Smoothest Retraction and to wick away jobsite contamination. Reinforced 3:1 Planetary Metal Gears won't strip, increasing the life of the tool.

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DeWalt 100' Fiberglass Long Tape

1/2" wide blade with easy-to-read markings with 2-sided blade graphics with fractional inch/decimal foot scales. Polymer-coated blade withstands abrasion.

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Lufkin Pro Series Fiberglass Tape

Pro series fiberglass tape in graduated in feet and inches. Durable 3/4" blade has large easy to read numbers. Blade is two sided with feet and inches on top, feet to 10ths and 100ths on bottom. Double-pvc coated 62 strand fiberglass makes this tape strong and durable. Features 3 to 1 rewind for fast retraction. Comes with interchangeable end hooks. Ring end hook which can snap onto a stake for single person measurements, and standard folding end hook for general purpose. Also an appraiser's hook for oversized objects. Cushion grips for comfort. Case Color: Orange.

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Fat Max™ Tape Rule

Features an extra wide 1 1/4" blade width yielding 11' of standout and easier to read graphics. Cushion grip built into case for a comfortable non-slip grip and impact resistance. Strong spring for smooth retraction.

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DeWalt ToughSeries™ 25' Tape Measure

Measure from any angle with ToughSeries™, the first DEWALT® tape measure to have double-sided print. Includes a removable magnet for the hook and patented hook connection technology that allows you to choose when to deploy it on the jobsite. A wear-resistant blade coating maintains long-term utility and 6” of Rip-Shield™ protective layering safeguards the hook for long life.

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Stanley Powerlock™ Tapes

Blade is protected with a clear, tough polyester film which reduces friction and increases blade life. Lightweight comfortable case is durable with easy to operate thumb lock that holds blade firmly in place, with no creeping. Belt clip is fastened to back of case.

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Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure

Durable tape measure, equipped with innovative EXO360™ Blade Technology that protects the blade from ripping and wearing, delivering the longest-lasting blade on the market. The cutting-edge measuring tape blade technology, combined with a heavy-duty, fully reinforced frame, and up to 10' tape standout makes our STUD™ Tape Measures the most durable retractable tape measures for all your jobsite needs.

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Tape Rule Holder

Cut out sides for easy access to tape. Slotted for attaching to belts up to 2 3/4" wide. Made of leather. Size: 4-1/2" x 7". Holds 20’, 25’, and 30’ tape measures.

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High Visibility Tapes

Self-Centering Tape Rule that helps find the center of your measurement; saving the trouble of dividing fractions.  Yellow clad blade has bold black & red numbers, while the black numbers represent the objects measurement and the red numbers represent center measurement.  Unique slide lock design offers easy control tape blade.  Wide base helps keep the tape standing upright.  Lightweight, high strength, contour-grip case fits comfortably in your hand.  Hi-Viz orange.

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Lufkin Banner Long Tape

Yellow clad. Professional tradesman’s quality tape is .008" thick and housed in a rugged, vinyl covered steel case with large easy action winding drum and friction washers. Nylon rollers guide the tape smoothly in and out of the case. Bold graduations with black and red numbers make for accurate measuring.

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Open Reel Fiberglass Tapes

Moisture resistant fiberglass tape is vinyl coated with heat-sealed graduations for longer life. Tough, waterproof ABS frame has a marking spike and allows easy access for cleaning tape. Large, easy grip handle. Supplied two ways; inches and engineering scales, or inches and metric scale. 1/2" wide.

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