Rolatape Measure Master

For all indoor measuring, outdoors on hard surfaces. Automatically records measurements line to line, wall to wall, vertically, overhead, around curves and over contours. Push button counter records feet and inches up to 1,000 feet without resetting. Counter adds and subtracts. Magnifying glass over counter for easy reading. Wheel circumference: 12". Diameter: 4". Weight: 2 lbs.

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Rolatape Model 112

Features precision calibrated dual wheels for firm traction and easy handling. Counter records feet and inches up to 10,000 feet. Counter subtracts and adds. 24" handle extends and locks at 40 - 1/8". Wheel circumference: 12". Diameter: 4".

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Rolatape Model 300

This smooth rolling, accurate 300 series rolatape performs on pavement, dirt and rough surfaces, thanks to the calibrated wide rubber wheel. All steel construction offers heavy duty strength and durability. Unique lift and lock handle makes transport and storage easy. Measures up to 100,000 feet. Wheel circumference: 36”. Diameter: 11 1/2”.

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Rolatape Model RT312

Comfortable, ergonomic pistol grip.  Lightweight and compact.  Precision molded tire on an aluminum spoke for accurate measuring and increased durability.  Counter with reset switch reads to 1” increments.  3-section aluminum telescopic handle with quick clamps for easy storage.  Extended dimensions: 42-1/2".  Wheel circumference: 3.4". Diameter: 1".

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Rolatape Model 400

Precision totalizer automatically records up to 100,000 feet. Wide neoprene tires for positive traction. Automatic brake prevents accidental backtracking. Built-in stand keeps wheel in upright position. Safety-Glo enamel finish. Wheel circumference: 48". Diameter: 15 1/2".

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