Aluminum Hand Benders

Heat-treated aluminum construction. Features patented Site-Rite® sight indicator to eyeball the key bending angles easily and fast. Non-slip, contoured pedal for added leverage. Cast-in markings for stub ups, saddle bends, back-to-back bends, and head-up or down bending. Cast-in offset multipliers. Lightweight, yet strong.

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Greenlee Hickeys

Heavy duty cast steel head with a welded steel handle.

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Little Kicker® Offset Benders

Bends offsets in one easy operation. Insert conduit, depress handle completely, release and remove conduit. Make identical offsets every time for wall mounted boxes with exposed conduit. By Greenlee.

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1800 Mechanical Bender

Bends up to 1 1/2" IMC or Rigid conduit. Ratchet action for increased leverage. Bypass the ratchet for fast, direct bending on smaller sizes. Built-in bending degree indicator and easy to use bending charts for accurate, consistent bends. Heavy duty welded construction for long, reliable service.

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BENDstation™ PRO

BENDstation™ PRO is a comprehensive conduit bending workstation for 3/4" and 1" EMT that speeds up the entire bending process up to 30%.  Built-in protractor for quick and accurate bends.  Safe and efficient measuring, bending and cutting at a 36” table height.  The ability to store up to 900 feet of conduit and an extra shelf for storage for tools and materials.  Heavy-duty casters for easy transportation and mobility.  Unique dual bending shoe, designed for both ¾” and 1" EMT.  Ratchet system designed to make bending 1" EMT safer, easier, and more accurate. Unique speed vice designed specifically to hold conduit and unistrut, makes cutting quicker and safer. Manufactured by Southwire.

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