Brute Platinum® Drills

For drilling stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other hard to drill materials, the Brute Platinum® will drill faster, and last longer than any other jobber drill. Manufactured from a premium grade of molybdenum high speed steel and then treated with an exclusive NOMO® nitride, this bit will hold a sharp cutting edge and have less tendency to snap under pressure when others have failed. Precision ground 135° split point eliminates the need for pilot hole drilling and prevents “walking” on slick surfaces such as stainless steel.

Brute Platinum® drill bits are available in standard Jobbers Length, or Mechanics Length. Mechanics Length drills have a reduced overall length which adds strength and rigidity, resulting in less breakage. Mechanics Length also has a flatted shank for positive grip in keyless chuck tools.

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Countersinks For Steel

Designed for chatter free performance in countersinking, deburring, and chamfering operations. Three flutes that seat well in the hole. Designed for use with portable tools. Produces a clean 82º angle in steel or wood.

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Fractional Sizes

Type J-High Speed Steel. 118º Point. General Purpose. Black Finish.

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High Speed Drill Bit Sets

Jobbers length drill bits.

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Letter Sizes

Type J3-High Speed Steel.

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Wire Gauge Sizes

Type J2-High Speed Steel. 118º Point. General Purpose.

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Pilot Point® Drill Bits

Pilot Point® Tips starts on contact for clean, accurate holes and reduces lock-up breakthrough.  No-spin shank eliminates the frustration of bit spinning in the chuck.  Tapered web provides greater durability to reduce breaking.  Size markings are located above the shank to prevent wearing away.

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Cobalt Heavy Duty Drill Bits

Jobbers length drill bits heavily constructed for use in harder, tougher alloy steels such as stainless, manganese, castings, forgings and chilled cast iron.  Cobalt bits can be run about 25% faster than High Speed Steel since they withstand high cutting temperatures.  135° split point.

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Drill Gauges

Used to quickly and conveniently identify drill bit sizes. Made of heavy gauge steel, machined and ground to close tolerances. Hole sizes are permanently etched on the face.

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Cobalt Drill Bit Sets

Cobalt jobbers length drill bits in metal folding case.

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Double End Drills

High speed steel bits with both ends usable. Popular among the roofing and sheet metal trades.

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Stubby Drill Bits

Short flute and overall length increase bit rigidity, resulting in better hole accuracy and extended tool life. Recommended for the drilling of sheet metal and stainless steel, the roofing and sheet metal trades.

Other Sizes of Stubby Drill Bits Available. Call for a Complete Listing.

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Aircraft Extension Drills

For drilling in steel where extra length is required. 135° split point. 6" and 12" lengths in various sizes.

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Drill Stop Set

For use on twist or brad point drills to prevent excessive drill penetration. Positive depth control assures exact hole depths for multiple drilling jobs. Black oxide finish on cold rolled steel. Sizes include: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", and 1/2" plus hex wrench.

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Long Boy Drills

18" long bits for drilling in steel. 13" flute. 118° point.

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3/8" Shank Drills

Designed for general purpose drilling in a wide range of materials where chuck capacity is limited to 3/8". Overall length: 6". 118° point. Black oxide treated.

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Silver & Deming Drill Bits (1/2" shank)

High speed steel bits with 1/2" diameter shanks. Suitable for use in drill presses and portable drills with 1/2" chucks. 118° split point. 6" Overall length.

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Greenlee Combo Drill/Tap System

Drills, taps, deburrs, and countersinks in one operation. Made from high speed steel for longer life. Designed to tap up to 10 gauge metal. Works well in mild steel, copper, brass and aluminum. The shank is a 1/4" quick change hex. Sold individually or in a 6 piece kit.

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