Caddy Box Mounting Bracket

Easily attaches 4" and 4 11/16" outlet boxes to metal or wood stud. Support leg prevents box movement and provides far side support. Offset design eliminates unsightly drywall bulge. Alignment notch simplifies consistent box positioning.

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Protects cable and plastic pipe from nail punctures. Single hammer blow attaches the plate to wood studs. Required for compliance with NEC 1990 Article 300-4A.

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Low Voltage Mounting Bracket

Provides a fast, easy way to install low voltage Class 2 communication outlets during rough-in construction without having to use an electrical box. Makes fish wiring easier. A bendable flap provides a termination plate for conduit. Automatically positions for 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. May be installed to the front or the side of a metal or wood stud. Eliminates bulges in the drywall caused by plaster rings. Fastens with dry wall or self tapping screws.

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Caddy Conduit Clamps With Bolts

Fast and easy installation- installs with screwdriver or nut driver. Has mounting hole for 1/4" bolt. Retained bolt and nut means there are less parts to handle or drop. Bright zinc finish.

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Caddy “Colorado Jim” Cable Support

A fast, economical way to comply with NEC 1990 Article 300-4d when used with metal and wood stud. Can be used to support up to 6 runs of nonmetallic sheathed cable, or up to 4 runs of nonmetallic sheathed cable. Fastens to metal stud with self drilling or tapping screws.

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Caddy Box Mounting Brackets

Supports electrical boxes, plaster rings or low voltage devices from one bracket. Accommodates up to four 4" or 4 11/16" boxes. Mounts 1 1/2" or 2 1/8" deep boxes. Eliminates the need for electrical boxes on low voltage applications. Bendable leg serves as a bracket stabilizer. Bendable tab has a 3/4" conduit stubbing hole.

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Caddy Screw Gun Box Bracket

Designed so the electrical box can be mounted between studs. Attaches with self tapping screws and is aligned with the V-Groove so the box is straight. Movement is eliminated when used with flexible conduit, ENT, AC/MC or ROMEX®. Allows for multiple box mounting. Packaged 50 per box.

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