Rapid-Tap® Cutting Fluid

Just a drop or two makes tapping, reaming, drilling, threading, and all other precision machining operations easier, faster and more accurate. Reduces tool wear, keeping tools sharper longer. Improves surface finish by eliminating scuff marks and gouging. Leaves a clean surface. Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals.

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Tapmatic® Edge Lube

Biodegradable white, solid waxy bar. Eliminates heat build up and and belt loading. Excellent for belt, wheel, sawing, or disc grinding applications. Does not contain any hazardous chemicals. Safe on all metals. 13 oz. Cartridge.

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Tapmatic® EDGE Cream

Biodegradable paste in an easy to use squeeze tube.   Squeeze tube is excellent for vertical applications.  Can be applied to tools before tapping or reaming.  Water rinsable and safe on all metals.  Uses include tapping, forming, bending, precoating fasteners and lubricating rubber seals.  10 fl oz. tube.

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BruteLube Multi-Purpose Wax

Multipurpose cutting and tapping fluid in an easy to use wax form. Formulated to cling to your tools for a continuous shield against friction and heat, extending valuable life to your drill bits and taps. The consistency of this product is easier to use than fluids when drilling horizontally. BruteLube is particularly effective on stainless steel, aluminum, and other exotic alloys. 16 oz. container.

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Hougen Lubricants

Cools and lubricates Hougen drill bits for faster, smoother cutting and longer bit life. Using genuine Hougen Lubricants helps evacuate the chips, keeps the slug from expanding, and makes it easier to eject the slug.

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