Clear Packaging Tape

Clear acrylic tape designed for package sealing. Excellent resistance to aging, weathering, sunlight and yellowing. 2" x 110 yd. rolls. 36 rolls per case.

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Red Poly Film Tape

Tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance.  Resistant to chemical deterioration.  Permanently tacky adhesive bonds well to most surfaces over a wide temperature range.  Excellent for taping seams on masonite, kraft paper, homasote, and poly sheeting.  Economical, yet good quality substitute for duct tape.

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Dispenser For Packaging Tape

Allows one handed application of box sealing tape. Accepts up to 2" wide sizes. Lightweight construction with easy tape loading. Includes 1 roll of 2" wide tape.

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Foil Duct Tape

Dead soft aluminum foil with aggressive adhesive for sealing ducts, and other types of metal repairs.

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Teflon® Tape

Provides a highly resistant seal on pipe threads for all types of service.  For use with solvents, chemicals, oxygen and food lines.  Nontoxic. Temperature range: -400° F to +500° F.  Pressures: to 2,000 psi.

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Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape

High performance tape designed for use as a vapor seal on aluminum faced insulation products.  Bonds and seals well at low temperatures.  High performance solvent acrylic adhesive performs well over a wide temperature range.

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Velcro Sticky Back Tape

Easy to use peel off backing can be pressed in place onto any smooth surface. Box contains hook and loop. Reel size: 3/4" x 5 yards.

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3M Double Coated Foam Tape

A high density, urethane foam with a long-aging acrylic adhesive on both sides. Paper liner. Applies to most clean, dry, unified surfaces. Functions for extended periods at 225°F under conditions of proper loading. Provides thermal insulation, reduces vibration transmission. 1" x 36 yd. roll. 1/16" inch thick.  9 rolls per case. Model 3M4016.

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Safety Tread

Heavy duty anti-slip tape for sure footing in any area where slipping is a hazard. Applies as easily as tape, no nails, screws or separate adhesive needed. Sticks on wood, metal, smooth concrete and even paint. Will not harm surfaces. Ready to use. No drying time necessary. Can be used with any rubber base paint. Color: Black.

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Polyken® 100D Tape

Double-Sided adhesive 13 mil Thickness. Rubber adhesive with paper backing. White/Natural Tape. 30 lb/Inch Tensile Strength, 45 oz/Inch Adhesion Strength, 40 - 200 Deg F.

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3M Double Coated Tape

High-tack, hand tearable double coated film tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive on each side.  9.0 mil synthetic rubber double coated tape with polyethylene carrier on a white liner.  High initial adhesion. White.

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