Use with an electric drill for rapid and thorough mixing of paint, epoxy compounds, industrial coatings, waterproofing materials, ceramic casting slip, ceramic thin set mortar, drywall mud, plaster, etc. All steel construction. Unique shearing four way counteraction gives fast and complete dispersion with no splash. Adjustable wheels to control air from mixture.


Mortarman 120+ Portable Vertical Shaft Mixer

The Mortarman 120+ is perfect for the 2-4 man construction crew. Eliminates the hassles of towing a mixer to a jobsite; the Mortarman 120+ can make a wheelbarrow of mortar, stucco, grout or dry pack cement every 3 minutes. In fact, the Mortarman 120+ mixers deliver so much mixing torque that the 120+ can out produce a 2 bag towable mixer when making dry pack cement.  The Mortarman120+ fits through standard doorways. The mixing action is neat and controlled. The mud stays in the drum, and the mix discharge is equally clean. Mix indoors without making a mess.  If the material being mixed starts to clump up or separate, no problem, just hit reverse for a few seconds...then back to forward. The ability to switch from forward to reverse ensures that all types of material mix well. 2 HP motor.

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Mixer DC342

Zinc-plated steel, 2 1/2" wheels adjustable on 1/4" x 11" shaft. For portable or stationary power of 1,800 r.p.m. or more in 1 gallon to 10 quart container, depending on the mix.

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Mixer DC310

Zinc-plated steel. 5" adjustable wheels on a 3/8" x 24" shaft. Used with a 1/2" drill of 450 r.p.m. or more in a 12" diameter pail of drywall mud, ceramic thin-bed mortar, ceramic slip, vinyl fabric cement, etc.

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Mixer DC312

Zinc-plated steel. Two 6 1/2" adjustable wheels on a 1/2" x 24" shaft. Designed to be used with a heavy duty 1/2" to 1" drill of 450 to 750 r.p.m. for mixing thick materials in 12" diameter 5 gallon pails. For mixing in 55 gallon drums, wheels can be spaced further apart.

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Drywall Mud Mixer

This heavy duty Mud Mixer has a 8 1/2" wide rugged cast aluminum paddle. Works well in any container with up to a 30 gallon capacity. Designed to be used in a low speed (500 rpm max) 1/2" drill. Blades are designed to quickly fold, lift and stir drywall mud, acoustic and pre mix. Paddle depth: 5”. Shaft size: 3/8" x 28".

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