Motorola Radio Basics
  • Motorola Business Two-Way Radios •Affordable •Designed for business use •Utilizes business frequencies  •Durable enough to withstand up to a 5 ft. drop test
  • How Do I Keep Other Radios From Interfering With Mine? Each radio is equipped with up to 219 programmable interference eliminator codes. If your radio receives unwanted crosstalk, change the interference code.
  • Which is Better, UHF or VHF? UHF is best for outdoor and indoor use and multi-story buildings providing better coverage range: VHF is sufficient for outdoor use.
  • Can XTN, CLS, RDX and AX Radios Communicate With Other Radios? Yes, if the other radios have the same frequencies and codes.
  • Should I Purchase 1 Watt or 2 Watt Radios? 1 watt radios will usually provide the range you need. 2 watt radios are the better value and give added range, when it’s needed.
  • How Many Radios Can I Use Together? As many as you want; there is no limit.
  • How Many Channels Do I Need? Channels are used by managers to monitor workgroups. 1 channel per work group. With multiple work groups, the manager uses from 2 to 16 channels.
  • Is an FCC License Required? Yes, information is enclosed in each product box and is acquired by the end user. (not required for DTR series).
  • What is VOX? Accommodates hands-free talk/transmit when used with a headset/microphone. Available select models.
  • Are XTN, CLS, and AX Radios Waterproof and Dustproof? RDX Series radios are industrial grade, are made for harsh enviroments and are water and dust resistant. CLS Series radios are made for normal wear and tear.
  • What is Channel Scan? When a scan-equipped channel radio is set to SCAN mode, it continually monitors all channels. When a call is received on one of these channels, the radio locks on that channel until the conversation ends and then reverts to the SCAN mode.
  • What is the Warranty? One year, no hassle replacement from the date of purchase. PR400IS has a 2 year warranty.
  • How Far Can I Talk? The greater the power (watts) the further you can talk.
  • What are Repeaters? Antennae to increase the communication distance of two-way radios. RDX Series models RDU4100, RDU4160d, RDV5100 two-way radios are repeater capable.
  • What Comes With the Radio? Antenna, belt clip, rechargeable battery, wall charging adapter and desktop charging tray.
  • What is My Payback Time: $8 per hour—save 30 minutes per day. A $200 radio pays back in 50 days.


UHF Jobsite Radios - Compact, Light Duty

Standard features include: UHF Business Band Operation (56 selectable UHF frequencies), 38 analog and 83 digital interference eliminators codes, keypad lock, 3 audible tones. Includes Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (up to 12 hrs of use), 3-hour drop-in charging tray with wall adapter, swivel belt holster with 2.5” spring clip, user’s guide, accessory brochure and warranty card. Compatible with all UHF RM and RDX models radios on the same frequency and code.

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