LBS3™ Intumescent Sealant

Nelson firestop sealant LBS3™ is elastomeric water based, intumescent, fire protective sealant. Excellent firestop penetrations and construction joints. It is used to seal against the spread of fire, smoke, gas and water. Suitable for both combustible and non-combustible penetrants in both floors and walls. Can be pumped directly from the pail for larger applications. Can be used to obtain up to a 3 hr fire rating. Color: Red.

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Nelson CLK™ Firestop Sealant

One-part silicone rubber base firestop that is highly adhesive, flexible and non-shrinking. CLK “skins over” in approximately 20 minutes providing a smoke tight, gas tight, waterproof firestop seal. Non-Sag CLK is easily installed in wall, floor or overhead openings without the need for damming. Color: Brick Red.

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ES1399™ Elastomeric Sealant

Nelson ES1399™ is an cost effective elastomeric firestop sealant that ideal for applications where joint expansion and contraction can occur. Designed for through firestop penetrations and in construction joints. Water based acrylic latex is easy to use and clean-up.  Red in color, paintable and flexible once cured.  Non-intumescent. Color: Red.


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Nelson FSP™ Firestop Putty

One-part intumescent firestop product that can be hand pressed into place forming an immediate fire-seal. When exposed to fire, FSP expands to seal off voids caused by deteriorating cable jackets or plastic pipe and conduit, thereby maintaining the seal. FSP is similar in consistency to glazing putty. It does not set up, and the same material can be reused when adding or changing penetrating items. FSP pads are designed and tested for use around electrical boxes to seal off knockouts and prevent heat transmission under fire conditions. Color: Tan.

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CMP™ Firestop Compound

Nelson Compound is a cementitious firestopping material that is mixed with water. It is similar in appearance to mortar and can be troweled to a smooth finish that provides a weather resistant, non-shrinking fire-rated seal.  Excellent for a wide range of combustible and non-combustible penetrants. Color: Red.

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Nelson PLW™ Firestop Pillows

Compressible firestop pillows are well-suited for installations where frequent changes may be required. PLW is also UL classified as a permanent firestop system for several applications including cable tray. Intumescent and reusable.

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