LEVELS: Used for determining grades & elevations, rough, angle turning, laying out & leveling foundations, setting forms, leveling walls, setting lines, setting offset stakes.

TRANSITS: In addition to above for levels, used for plumbing walls, setting slope, truing forms, aligning poles and fence posts.


CST / berger 20X Level Package

Fast set-up, simple to use. Designed for light construction work. Features horizontal circle for turning rough angles. Provides 1/4” accuracy at 75 feet with a 200 foot working range. Package includes, level, tripod, rod, plumb bob and carrying case.

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CST/berger 20X Site Level Transit Package

Ruggedly built, this model accurately handles both horizontal and vertical light construction jobs. Clamps and tangents bring your instrument quickly on target. Provides 1/4” accuracy at 75 feet and a 200 foot working range.  Package includes level, tripod, rod, plumb bob, and carrying case.

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CST/beger Sal Series Automatic Level Package

Make every leveling job easier and faster with these automatic levels. Features include top mounted optical sight, easy to read horizontal circle, right angle prism for easy bubble viewing, water resistant sealed construction and sunshade for use in various weather conditions.  Offered in either a 24x or 28x magnification.  Accuracy 1/16" @ 100 ft. for the 24x, and 1/16" @ 200 ft. for the 28x.  Working range 300 feet for the 24x, and 350 feet for the 28x.  Package includes level, tripod, 8 foot rod, plumb bob, lens cover, adjustment tools, and case.

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PLS24X Optical Level

Fully automatic optical level perfect for general construction layout.  Offers rugged cover and construction for weather and dust resistance.  High quality optics with automatic compensator.  Magnification level 24x. Accuracy 1/16” @ 100 ft. Working Range 150 ft. Lightweight and portable, level weighs 5.8 lbs.  Base Thread for tripod 5/8-11”.  Level comes with carrying case and operating manual.  The level kit comes with the above as well as a tripod and 9ft. grade rod.

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