Economy Pallet Truck

5,000 lb. capacity at a very attractive price. 3-Position fingertip control (raise, lower, neutral). 6 1/2'' wide forks have welded steel entry guides, polyurethane load rollers, and an additional exit roller for ease of exiting the pallet. The pump has an overload bypass valve and lowering valve for controlled rate of descent. Full pump stroke design requires only 10 strokes for maximum lift (7 3/4''). 7 1/2'' x 2'' polyurethane wheels with aluminum core dissipate heat for increased wheel life in high use applications. Other Sizes & Styles Available including Galvanized & Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

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Premium Pallet Trucks

5,500 lb. capacity. Toughest, most versatile models available.  Reinforced steel frame with 3 position handle controls for nuetral, lifting, and lowering. Adjustable push rods . Precision steer wheels and load rollers. Other sizes available. Replacement wheels are also available.

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