Personnel Safety Netting

Our personnel safety netting is made of high tenacity synthetic mesh designed to meet your most rigorous construction demands-and tested to meet or exceed ANSI A10.11. In addition, our shock-absorbing diamond mesh netting is treated with inhibitors that protect it from normal wear and tear as well as ultraviolet degradation. All personnel netting is bordered with 5,000-pound minimum-test synthetic rope with attachment hooks four feet on center and staggered for attachment to other nets. Available with or without debris liner. Test certification results available upon request.

Material: Black Knotted Nylon
Mesh Size: 3 1/2" (Diamond)
Burst strength: 1,200 lbs.
Capacity: 17,500 ft. lbs.
Border: 5/8" polypropylene - (5,400 lb. break strength)

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