Reed Pipe Cutters


Ridgid No. 2-A Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters

Gives fast, clean pipe cutting by hand or power. Extra long shank protects adjustment threads. Extra large handle for quick, easy adjustment. Balanced frame of special malleable iron. Equipped with tough blade cutter wheel. Can convert to 3-wheel cutter by replacing rollers with cutter wheels.

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Ridgid No. 42A Heavy-Duty 4-Wheel Pipe Cutter

Designed for work in areas where a complete turn is impossible; has a short handle for use in confined areas.  Equipped with four heavy-duty wheels.


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Ridgid No. 202 Wide-Roll Pipe Cutter

Featuring extra wide rolls, this heavy-duty cutter is especially designed for use with Power Drives. Wide rolls prevent cock or wobble of cutter for perfect tracking, cleaner cuts. Capacity 1/8" through 2".

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Ridgid No. 4-S Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters

Large handle assures sure grip, easy adjustment. Second handle gives added leverage for large size pipe cutting jobs. Can be converted to 3-wheel cutter by replacing rollers with cutter wheels.

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Ridgid No. 902 Torque Wrench For Cast Iron No-Hub® Soil Pipe

Make perfect joint installations on no-hub cast iron soil pipe fast and effortless. Pre-set torque of 60 inch pounds assures tight joints. Speedy ratchet-action. Comfort-grip tee handle. Foldaway reversing lever.

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Seekonk "T-Handle" Torque Tool

Seekonk Plumber's "T-Handle" torque tools. Unique locking collar allows these tools to be used as an untorqued tool as well as a conventional torqued tool. Internal mechanism slips when proper torque has been achieved and over tightening is  impossible.

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Ridgid Hinged Pipe Cutters

Hinged Pipe Cutters are designed for rapid cutting through cast iron and steel pipe. Each model features rugged cast iron frame, long feed handle for better leverage, pipe guides for square cuts, closed frame design with easy operating latch for quick and positive engagement on pipe, four cutter wheels and a pipe handle for applications requiring extra leverage. Additional cutter wheels for cutting cast iron, standard steel pipe and heavy-wall steel pipe are available separately.

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Ridgid Pipe Cutter Wheels

These cutter wheels are designed for cutting steel and ductile iron pipe. Wheels for stainless steel, and grey cast iron are also available. Call for a complete listing.

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