CST/berger Pipe Laser

Designed for tough use, the LMPL20 is constructed from cast aluminum and is nitrogen purged, then sealed for total waterproofing.  Perfect for the underground drainage industry where underground elements can be tough on your equipment.  The heavy duty removable handle and legs makes the unit easy to carry and position.  The legs are heavy duty stainless steel and rubber tipped for maximum stability.  Large illuminated LCD display; easy grade input; two way RF remote control; lock grade and line feature; illuminated LED pivot point for easy plumb bob setups; low-level battery indicator; sleep mode (auto turnoff for laser beam); multi function quick access menu.  Offers LED plumb references, auto grade zeroing, auto line centering and cross axis self-leveling.  Comes with RF Remote control, Target set, Rechargeable NiMH battery pack, alkaline battery pack, battery charger, 12V external power cord, leg set for 8” to 12” pipe, hard shell carrying case and manual.

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