Ridgid Pipe Thawers

Provides continuous heating to quickly and safely thaw frozen metal pipes 1/2" through 1 1/2" .  No need to dig or tear apart walls.  Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed within minutes.  Operates continuously from start to finish. Lightweight; weighs under 30 lbs.  Two models available: the KT190 can be used on lengths of pipe between 15 and 75 feet while the KT200 can be used on 4' to 150' lengths of pipe.  Both models work on a standard 115V, 15 amp standard outlet.  Each model includes two 25' cables.

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Ridgid Super-Freeze Machine

Ridgid SuperFreeze® Pipe Freezer is an easy-to-use pipe freezing unit that allow the contractor to keep water systems operating while making repairs. The RIDGID® SF-2500 is a mini-refrigeration unit that circulates self-contained refrigerant to its aluminum freeze heads. This will form an ice plug in as little as 5 minutes in copper tube up to 21/2″ and steel pipe up to 2″ for the SF-2500. Once the pipe is plugged, repairs can be made with no fear of the ice plug melting because the unit remains on. No need to shut off the water supply or drain a system to make repairs. SuperFreeze® is safe because it eliminates the use of CO2, nitrogen, or illegally releasing refrigerants. SuperFreeze® is portable in a lightweight, compact design. Stainless steel carrying case included. 54 lbs.

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