Economy Chain Vise Stand

Heavy duty jaws provide strong grip and long life. Large head unit will handle up to 6" diameter pipe and includes ceiling brace screw. Slots cast into head unit to hang tools during use. Comes completely assembled and ready for use. Made in USA.

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Ridgid Tristand Chain Vise (2 1/2” Capacity)

Ideal for pipe applications ranging in size from 1/8” through 2 1/2”. The work surface is equipped with two tool holders. The compact size also allows the vise to easily be stored in service trucks. The integral handle makes transporting easy. It also allows for opening and closing the unit in one simple motion. At only 30 lbs, the new Model 425 is over 25% lighter than its 6” Model 460 counterpart. The exclusive bent legs are designed to increase stability where needed. The self-locking latch automatically engages when closing the stand. This added convenience eliminates the need for a leg chain.

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Ridgid Tristand Chain Vise (6” Capacity)

No more stooping, bending or groping. Large, easy-to-operate crank handle that tightens chain is right on top for fast, sure adjustment. Alloy steel jaws hardened for firm grip and long wear. Large vise base overhangs front legs for clear tool swing; has rear pipe rest, tool hanger slots, 3 pipe benders and ceiling brace screw. Integral folding legs and tool tray lock open for sturdy work bench, close for easy carrying. 1/8" thru 6" capacity.

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Ridgid Tristand Chain Vise (12” Capacity)

All the features of Colony 11-6202 but with 12" jaws and extended chain – Grip up to 1/8" - 12" pipe.  Adjustable rear leg provides the ability to level the stand.

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Ridgid Top-Screw Bench Chain Vises

Chain tightens by handy top crank handle that’s anchored to base. Jaws of tool steel hardened for long wear. Handy pipe rest and bender.

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Ridgid Top-Screw Bench Chain vises

Chain tightens by handy top crank handle that’s anchored to base.  Jaws of hardened tool steel for long wear.  Handy pipe rest and bender.

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Ridgid F-Series Vises

Constructed of 75,000 PSI tensile strength forged steel. These sleek, rugged vises outperform their bulky cast-iron competition. Features a parallel jaw alignment system resulting in safe, precise clamping action as well as longer service life. Forged steel swivel base with dual draw down bolts. Ridgid Lifetime Warranty.

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