Milwaukee Aluminum Pipe Wrenches

OVERBITE JAW(TM) design offers the largest gripping surface. Dual coil springs offer maximum durability and tool life and the ergonomic handle form has been designed for maximum comfort and won’t dig into the palms. Through hardened jaws deliver increased grip and tooth durability. Tether-ready handle loop.

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Milwaukee Cheater Adaptable Pipe Wrench

Milwaukee Cheater Adaptable Pipe Wrench features a New-To-World 3 length design that delivers maximum productivity. The Cheater Adaptable Pipe Wrench comes with (2) interchangeable threaded fit handles offering the versatility of 10” mode when used with no handle for tight spaces, 18” mode with the small handle for general purpose, and 24” mode with the long handle for maximum leverage and reach. The overbite jaw design offers large gripping surface.  Dual coil springs offer maximum durability and tool life, and the ergonomic handle form has been designed for maximum comfort and won’t dig into the palms. Through hardened jaws deliver increased grip and tooth durability, and a tether-ready handle loops makes it perfect for the toughest of jobsites.   Includes: Cheater Adaptable Pipe Wrench and (2) interchangeable threaded fit handles.

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Ridgid Aluminum Handle Pipe Wrenches

Aluminum handles make these heavy-duty wrenches almost 40% lighter than similar wrenches with malleable iron handles. Parts are identical to those of Ridgid Straight Pipe Wrenches. Ideal for overhead work. Also available with special hook and heel jaws for plastic pipe.

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Ridgid Straight Pipe Wrenches

The original heavy-duty pipe wrench, known for its service ability. Replaceable jaws are made of hardened alloy steel. Full floating hook jaw gives instant grip and release. Handy pipe scale and large easy-to-spin adjusting nut allow fast, one-hand setting to pipe size. Comfort grip, malleable iron I-beam handle.

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Ridgid End Pipe Wrenches E12

Designed with an offset jaw and longer handle swing to ease work in tight places, these wrenches offer the quality features of famous Ridgid Straight Pipe Wrenches: replaceable jaws, full floating hook jaw, easy-spin adjusting nut, pipe scale and malleable iron I-beam handle.

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Ridgid Pipe Wrench Replacement Parts

These parts will fit in Ridgid brand steel, aluminum and end pipe wrenches.

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Ridgid Light Duty Chain Wrench C12

Here is an extra-handy, lightweight utility wrench with ratchet like action in either direction. Flexible chain fits into tightest quarters to grip pipe against walls or on close parallel lines. Grips round, square and irregular shapes without crushing. Alloy steel forged handle and jaw. The double jaw makes the difference. Positive grip in all sizes.

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Ridgid Heavy Duty Chain Wrench

The design of these rugged wrenches makes it easier to work in extra close quarters – on round, square or irregular shapes. Fast ratchet-like action lets you work from either side. Hardened alloy steel jaws are replaceable. Tempered steel chain is held securely in double lock grips, releases quickly.

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Ridgid Strap Wrenches

For use on polished pipe and tubing - protects nickel and chrome finish. Strong I-beam handle and solid head, all one piece. Handy hang-up hole. Easy to attach and use. Straps are easily replaced.

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Ridgid Hex Wrenches

Hex jaw design gives multi-sided, secure grip on all hex and square nuts, unions, valve packing nuts, and even flathead gas cocks. Jaws are smooth for plated nuts, fits in tight places.

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Ridgid Spud Wrench

Handy general utility monkey wrench. Designed for efficient working balance and strength but with narrow jaws for easier use in close quarters. Replaceable drop forged heat-treated hook jaw. Special malleable I-beam handle, handy hang-up hole.

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Ridgid Offset Hex Wrench

Extra-wide-opening offset jaw gives easy-on, non-slip grip on sink and tube drain nuts and all other hard-to-get-at nuts and fittings. Thin, smooth jaws slip into tightest places. Short handle makes work easy in close quarters. Multi-sided grip allows extra leverage.

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Ridgid Telescoping Basin Wrench

Forged alloy jaws are spring loaded to grip all nuts 3/8" through 2-1/2" across flats. You get fast, one-hand ratcheting operation in tight spots. Tension plug holds head in any position up to 90° angle. Handle and shank are chrome plated. Stainless steel spring assures firm grip after positioning jaw on nut, pipe or tube. Telescopic shank on No. 1017 and No. 1019 is quickly adjusted to desired length and held there by spring loaded pin.

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Ridgid Telscoping Basin Wrench with LED Light

Innovative design makes working with faucet fittings and retaining nuts easier than ever.  Built-in, water-resistant LED light provides direct illumination of your work. Pivoting, removable T-handle allows you easier access in tight spaces. 3/8" square drive connection lets you use your ratchet or breaker bar for additional leverage and maximum torque.

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