Power fishing is the fast, easy way to pioneer a new conduit run. A foam piston, sometimes referred to as a mouse or missile, is blown with air pressure or vacuumed through the run. The foam piston is sized to the conduit and has a loop on both ends. In most cases, fish line or measuring tape is attached to the piston as it is blown or vacuumed through the conduit run.


Greenlee Vacuum/ Blower Fishing System

Industrial 2-stage motor –powerful, sustained suction and blowing that out performs a typical shop vacuum. Washable stainless steel mesh filter that, when maintained, never needs replacing. Steel transport handle to easily pull vacuum around the jobsite and up stairs.  Fully equipped power fishing system comes with all the accessories needed to fish a pulling line and a new locking storage box to hold it all.  Includes: Vac/Blower Unit, 15' x 1-1/2" Hose, String Adapter, 1/2" to 4" Conduit Seal and Pistons, 2,150 Center Feed String and heavy-duty wheels. Large 12 gallon tank. Model 690-15.

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Conduit Pistons

For use with power fishing systems. Flexible foam body for air tight seal. Color coded end disk with embossed size markings for fast, easy selection. Strong steel center rod with loops on both ends.

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Poly Line

Also called “drag line”. Use with power fishing systems directly from container. Resists tangling when dispensing. Rot and mildew resistant. 6500’ and 5200’ rolls come in a reusable plastic dispenser, while the 500’ comes in a compact convenient dispenser can. Use to pull rope through conduit. Not to be used for pulling wire or cable.

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Greenlee Measuring Tape

Fish and measure conduit runs in one operation. Permanently printed measurements every foot from 0 to 3000 feet. Made of strong, waterproof polyester. Average breaking strength: 170 lbs. Dispenser (sold separately) has anti-skid pads, handle and built-in cutter.

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Greenlee Fish Line

Specially wound for fast payout without tangling. Made of strong, lightweight, mildew-resistant nylon. Can be pulled into the run with the wire to provide a means of adding wires later.

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Polyester Measure/Pulling Tape

A Measuring and Pulling tape in one! Reduces the amount of time it takes to measure and pull in your cable versus using a separate measuring tape and pulling tape. Blow one line into a duct, measure the length of the run and then pull in your cable. Durable and stretch resistant for easily pulling and installing wire and fiber optic cables within PVC and HDPE ducts. Factory lubricated to reduce friction and burn-through in innerduct. Easy to read foot marking for quick and accurate measurements.

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