Ridgid Pipe Threading Reference Guide


700 Portable Power Drive

The 700 Power Drive is compact, powerful, engineered and built for complete utility and trouble-free service.  Plenty of power to cut threads and drive geared threaders.  Reversible motor and all-spur gear reduction assure maximum power and efficiency.  Die heads and adapters lock in securely from either side.  Die Heads fit without an adapter, while only four adapters are needed for other Ridgid Die Heads.  A Square Drive Adapter is used for Geared Threaders.  Gear case, housing and handle are rugged cast aluminum for strength without added weight.  Motor: Universal, 1/2 hp, 115 volt, ac (25-60 Hz), reversible, 3 pole, double throw (reversible) switch with spring return to center “off” position.  Threading Capacity: 1/8" through 2" pipe and conduit, 1/4" through 1" rod.  Uses 12 R die heads only.

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Support Arm For Power Drive

Support Arm improves overall thread cutting operation of the 700.  Provides the guide for straight threads and eliminates possibility of damage to spline end of die head by keeping power drive square to pipe.  By taking torque and being clamped securely onto pipe or conduit, the Support Arm also contributes to a safer threading operation.  Please note that die heads and dies for the 700 machine are sold separately.

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Ridgid 690-I Hand-Held Power Drive

Ridgid die head retaining system is a simple twist and release for the 1 1/2", 2" Die heads and die head adapter. Lightweight and portable for maintenance, repair and service plumbers. Over molded handle and contoured grip provide optimal control. Screw-in brush covers improve serviceability. Durable die cast gear housing and fiberglass reinforced plastic body to withstand demanding job site conditions. Dual "V" jaw support arm firmly prevents slipping. Controls include forward/reverse slide switch, on/off two-step momentary contact. Capacity: 1/8" - 2" 11 R Die Heads. Weight: 21.1 lbs.

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1215 Threading System

Excellent small capacity threading machine; ideal for plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, and in-house maintenance departments. Weighing only 69 lbs., the 1215 is lightweight and portable. Durable one piece aluminum housing is built to last. Two carrying handles for easy one man transport. Powerful 1/2 HP universal motor threads pipe and bolts quickly and efficiently. Totally self-contained through-the-head oiling system with adjustable flow control.

Standard equipment includes 811A Universal Die Head, one set of 1/2"-3/4" NPT dies, one set of 1"-1 1/2" dies, one 344 five fluted reamer, one 732 cutter with wheels, and one gallon of Nu-Clear Threading Oil.

Threading capacity: Pipe 1/4"-1 1/2"; Bolt 5/16"-1".


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300 Compact Threading System

Lightest, most portable 2" capacity threading machine manufactured.  Combined with the Model 250 Folding Wheel Stand, the 300 Compact becomes a totally portable 160 lb. threading machine (especially compared to the standard 300 machine which weighs 212 lbs. and is not very mobile or portable).  The 300 Compact is also versatile: The optional Model 916 Roll Groover Adapter Bracket accepts the 300 Power Drive version of the Model 916 and allows grooving of 2"-6" pipe.  An integral through-the-head self-oiling system eliminates the need for an oil pan and pump while a reservoir seal prevents spills during transport.

Standard equipment includes Model 250 Folding Wheel Stand, one 811A Universal Die Head, one 344 Reamer, one 360 Cutter and Cutter Wheel, one set of 1/2"- 3/4" NPT dies, one set of 1"-2" NPT dies and one gallon of Nu-Clear Threading Oil.

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300 Threading System

Lightweight, yet heavy duty, full 2" capacity power threading machine.  All metal construction. Ridgid speed chuck holds tight in forward or reverse.  Integral foot switch for safer operation.  Jaw inserts are replaceable. 1/2 H.P. reversible motor.  3-jaw, cam action, rear centering device keeps pipe straight for true threads and cuts.  Capacity: 1/8" thru 2" pipe and conduit, 1/4" thru 2" bolts and rod.  System can be purchased complete, or by components for bench, truck or stand mounting.

Includes 300 Power Drive with foot switch, Stand, 311 Carriage with Lever, 341 Reamer, 811A Universal Die Head, 418 Oiler Complete, set of 1/2"- 3/4" NPT dies, set of 1"-2" NPT dies, one gallon of Nu-Clear Threading Oil, and Model 32 Wheeled Transporter.

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535 Automatic Threading System

The fastest machine in its class, the 1/8'' – 2'' 535 Automatic Threading Machine is ideal for high production mechanical and fire sprinkler shops.  With a 2 HP induction motor and a three-speed transmission, the 535 Automatic offers a powerful combination of speed and ruggedness.  Features an automatic chuck and automatic through die head oiling.  Can be used with Model 141 Geared Threader for 2 1/2''- 4'' threading.

Standard equipment includes: 535 threading machine with foot switch, one 811A Universal Die Head, one #341 Reamer, one #820 Cutter, one set of 1/2"- 3/4" NPT dies, one set of 1"-2" NPT dies, 2 hex wrenches, a spare #E1032 cutting wheel, and one gallon of Nu-Clear Threading Oil. 

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1224 Threading System

The Ridgid 1224 Threading Machine is designed to thread 1/4" through 4" pipe and conduit, and 1/4" through 2" rod (bolt stock).  Speed Chuck sets and releases by hand holds tight, forward or reverse.  3-jaw rear centering device centers long lengths for true threads and cuts.  Integral foot switch provides safer operation.  All existing Ridgid universal and 500B dies can be used with the No. 1224 Threading Machine. 2 1/2"- 4" receding die head is able to cut tapered or straight threads (NPT, NPSM/BSPT or BSPP) with no change of dies or accessories.  The die head is fully automatic with one hand operation.  1 1/2 H.P. single phase, 115V, 60 Hz, or 50 Hz induction type motor.  Cuts close nipples with No. 819 Nipple Chuck (optional).

Standard equipment includes: the 1224 threading machine with foot switch, one 714 Die Head for 2 1/2"- 4", one 711 Die Head for 1/4"- 2", one #744 Reamer, one #764 Cutter with two F-229 Cutter Wheels, one set of 1/2"- 3/4" NPT dies, one set of 1"-2" NPT dies, one set of 2 1/2"- 4" dies, one 3/4" combination wrench, one tool box, 3 hex keys, and one gallon of Nu-Clear Threading Oil. Stands sold separately.

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