Propane Torch Kit

Two piece economy brass torch kit, includes standard pencil point brass torch tip and propane cylinder.

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Bernzomatic® Basic Torch

The Bernzomatic® Basic Torch offers an adjustable, webbed flame and hassle-free, trigger-start ignition. It is equipped with an ergonomic grip and a pressure regulator, allowing for tilted use. Compatible with 14.1 oz and 16 oz Bernzomatic Propane fuel, sold separately.

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Disposable Propane Fuel Cylinder

14.1 oz. fits most standard propane torches. 1"-20 thread fuel outlet valve is protected from moisture and foreign objects with clean, plastic cap.

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Bernzomatic® High Heat Torch Kit

A torch designed for heavy-duty use including large diameter soldering, brazing and heat treating. The torch features a swirl flame that provides hot, efficient heat and fast soldering times, an auto start/stop ignition and a run-lock button for continuous use.

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Spark Torch Lighters

Dependable, easy to use, light-weight and economical spark lighters. Two styles available. The Tri-Flint is a quality lighter made for the demands of the welding industry. It has a stronger frame with three large flints for dependable ignition under all working conditions.

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