Propane Torch Kit

Two piece economy brass torch kit, includes standard pencil point brass torch tip and propane cylinder.

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Quick Fire™ Torch Kit

Two piece self igniting torch kit, includes torch head and disposable propane cylinder. Has push button start and angled swivel tube for ease of use. General purpose flame for a variety of applications including brazing, thawing and soldering.

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Low Profile Pro Torch Kit

Regulated self-lighting propane torch features a stainless steel burn tube for strength and an ergonomic handle provides comfort and durability. The regulated valve delivers the highest quality and consistent triple point flame while operating the torch at any angle. The fuel control knob provides control and economy. This kit includes a 14.1 oz. disposable propane fuel cylinder.

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Disposable Propane Fuel Cylinder

14.1 oz. fits most standard propane torches. 1"-20 thread fuel outlet valve is protected from moisture and foreign objects with clean, plastic cap.

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Surefire™ Torch Head

The T111 is a self-igniting propane torch head. Squeeze the control knob for an instant flame, release to turn off. Operates on its side or upside down. Fits all standard propane cylinders.

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Trigger Style Mapp/Propane Torch Head

Self-igniting high output propane/MAPP gas torch head. Has instant on/off trigger control with lock button. Pressure regulated tip produces swirl flame for max heat output, allows you to burn upside down, or at any angle. Stainless steel construction with replaceable brass tips.

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Spark Torch Lighters

Dependable, easy to use, light-weight and economical spark lighters. Two styles available. The Tri-Flint is a quality lighter made for the demands of the welding industry. It has a stronger frame with three large flints for dependable ignition under all working conditions.

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Multi-Pupose Butane Lighter

Disposable multi-purpose lighter. Perfect for hard to reach places.

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