2” Wide Putty Knife

Comfort grip handles are shatterproof. Mirror-finished and lacquered to prevent rust and add life to blades. Solid steel nail setting head

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Hyde Professional Scrapers

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Hyde 2-in-1 Glazing Tool

For professional use in glazing operations. One end has a slotted V-blade to apply a smooth strip of putty, while the other end has a heavy duty 1 1/4" chisel blade to remove old putty. Black and Silver™ series.

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Hyde 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool

Multi purpose tool for the professional painter. Scrapes, spreads, removes paint from roller covers, opens cracks for patching. Black and Silver™ series.

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Hyde Wallpaper Shaver

Shave off wallpaper, scrape paint or peel stickers off glass. Die cast head holds 3-1/4” replaceable blade. Cushioned foam handgrip. Tubular metal handle. Tool measures 11" overall.

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Gasket Scraper

Scrapes surfaces clean for installing new gaskets. Forged steel, comfort grip handle. 3/4" blade, 10-1/2" overall length.

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Scraper/Sticker Remover

Perfect for removing labels, stickers and paint from glass. Locks into three operating positions to reach hard to get at areas. Cutting edge folds into handle for safe storage.

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Hyde Value Series™ Putty Knife

Economical putty knife with ergonomic handle shaped for comfort. Carbon steel blade hardened for durability.

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Hyde Disposable Putty Knife

Lightweight and disposable. Plastic construction. Tapered design offers proper blade flex. 2" wide blade.

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Plastic Putty Knife Set

1-1/2" Putty knife, 3" spreader and 6" taping knife.

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Hyde Razor Blade Scraper

Removes paint and stickers from window glass. Metal construction. Retractable blade with safe locking push button control. Uses standard single edge industrial blades. Model 13000.

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Single Edge Razor Blades

Industrial quality steel blades for use in razor blade scrapers, razor knives, carton cutter, wallcovering knives and vinyl knives. Oiled to prevent rusting.

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ChipBuddie™ Dustless Paint Scraper

The ChipBuddie dust-free paint scraper is an excellent tool for the professional painter, handy man or homeowner. Priced economically, the ChipBuddie dustless paint scraper captures dirt and debris at the point of origin. As soon as it’s dislodged, the paint chips are vacuumed in through slots on both sides of the scraper blade. Scrape up or down – the ChipBuddie captures the dirt in both directions.

Lightweight and durable, the ChipBuddie comes with three scraper blades and provides years of trouble free performance. It is the ideal scraper for renovation contractors who have to use point-of-origin dust/dirt removal tools to comply with EPA regulations regarding lead paint removal.  Includes:  (1) paint scraper, (3) replacement blades, and (1) 18" hose.

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