Heating Blankets For PVC

Easy to use. Simply wrap blanket around PVC and secure with velcro strap. Built in stiffeners help keep the blanket tight to the PVC surface. Remove blanket and bend by hand. 300° F controlled, even heating for uniform bending.

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The Gardner Bender HotBlanket™ is a durable and economical bending system. Internal thermostatic control will not scorch or burn conduit and heats pipe fast, even in cold or windy conditions. Can be used in most any place or position. 2.6A/120V.

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Heater/Bender For 1/2"-2" PVC

To bend PVC simply preheat unit for 10 minutes, insert PVC, rotate until pliable, remove and form bend. Full length door for easy loading and removal. Sturdy double wall metal with fiberglass insulation and reflective interior for fast, even heat. Includes on/off switch, pilot light and carrying handle. Weight: 15 lbs. Capacity: 1/2"-2" PVC All Schedules.

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Heater/Benders for 1/2"-6" PVC

Easy to use: preheat unit for 10 minutes, open lid and position PVC, close lid, rotate until pliable, remove PVC and form bend. Heavy duty, insulated metal walls and cover with reflective interior for efficient, even heat. Full length door for easy loading and unloading. On/off switch with indicator light. Sturdy wheels for easy mobility. Use two units in tandem to heat large sweep bends. The 1/2"-6" capacity models have double doors with piano hinges to allow heating shorter lengths with one door open. Optional PVC Roller Support keeps PVC pipe from collapsing while forming the bend. We strongly recommend this option when using this bender.

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PVC Plug Set

Use with PVC heating blankets or Electric Heaters to plug the ends of the PVC being heated. The trapped air will help keep the PVC from collapsing while forming the bend. Use on Schedule 40 and 80 PVC. Set includes (2) each of 2", 2 1/2", 3”, and 4" plugs in a durable carrying case.  5" and 6" plugs are available.

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