Ramset® RA27

Lower pushdown force reduces fatigue and long-lasting piston reduces downtime. Collar requires only ¼ turn for quicker cleaning. More power load-for-load provides flexibility in a wide range of applications. Patented RRC (Residue Release Channel) allows user to work longer between cleanings. Back-end padding absorbs recoil, therefore reducing fatigue. Power adjust dial provides the ability to dial down power for ideal pin embedment. Swing-out scaffold hook keeps the tool within reach. Belt/tether clip for safety. Includes carrying case and safety glasses.

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Ramset XT540

The Ramset XT540 was specifically designed for heavy-duty interior & exterior applications.  Driving 1-1/4” embedment for perimeter trace, fastening track and clips to structural steel and track to hard concrete. The XT540's combination of high power and durability make it perfect for demanding applications.   Spring retrun front end, no manual resetting of the piston.  Included: Safety Glasses, Spall Guard, Carry Case, two extra piston return springs.

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Ramset® Cobra Tool

This semi-automatic tool uses .27 caliber strip loads and shoots up to a 2 1/2" long pin (3" w/ washer). Padded recoil-absorbing handle for greater operator comfort. Ideal for general construction applications. Full one-year warranty. Includes carrying case, safety glasses, and cleaning brushes.

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Viper 4 Overhead Tool

This unique tool has been specifically designed for overhead fastening and acoustical applications. The new Ramset® VIPER4 .27 Caliber Strip Powder Tool design makes overhead applications even easier.  The Viper is durable, lightweight and easy-to-use. The load advance is now located internally to allow a push / sleeve actuated operation.  Compatible with the newly designed poles, the rear collar is connected by set screw to avoid a manual tightness check.  Automatic load advance means that the load is advanced consistently each time the Viper is fired.  Automatic  Piston return mean that no time spent manually resetting or cycling the tool which allows the user to work faster.  A heavy duty buffer system prevents front end damage cause by piston overdrive, especially through sprayed-on insulation.  The open ended muzzle with oversize exhaust slots results in a cleaner and cooler operation.  Offers a simplified barrel retention collar; no tools are required for assembly or disassembly.  Viper4 uses the new pole system for greater ease and accuracy.

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