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Ramset® T3SS Fastening System

Has same technology that is used in Ramset®’s TrakFast system described previously, but designed specifically for the mechanical and electrical trades. This tool replaces the R150, E150 and M150 tools. The T3SS is not only faster, easier and quieter than powder actuated tools, but in many cases will replace traditional drilling and anchoring methods. Its self adjusting power allows it to be used in a variety of substrates including steel, concrete and block. This tool offers a quick disconnect fuel system for easier fuel loads. One fuel cell replaces conventional powder loads and drives over 1,000 fasteners. A new improved battery offers two times the battery life of the R150, M150 and E150. A new dust shield covers the front to prevent clogging from concrete dust. Quiet enough to work in occupied buildings. No special licensing is required to operate. The T3SS comes with a standard nosepiece that fits all pins except mechanical pins with gold-domed washers. For mechanical pins, an optional magnetic nosepiece (Item 15-1536) can be purchased separately. Includes 2 batteries, charger, carrying case, and safety glasses. Please note: Fuel cells (Item 15-1596) must be ordered separately

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Ramset T3MAG Fastening System

The Power of the T3MAG allows you to consistently shoot where no other gas tool has gone before. The .125 diameter pin is specifically engineered to work in the toughest concrete and steel where other pins cannot perform. The new T3MAG system delivers power that rivals other gas and powder systems.  Settling aggregate is the biggest reason for overhead pin failure.  With the T3’s 1/2 steel pin you can even shoot into the web of steel.  Fuel injection means no additional steps of preparing a fuel cell.  The 6-volt Ni-Cd battery can drive more than 3000 shots per charge.  Includes: (2)  batteries, battery charger, safety glasses, and carry case.

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